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You know the saying, celebrities are just like you and me… only better. Several celebs might just be a bit more similar to the mere mortals, at least when it comes to the love of video games that some of them share with us. Check out the list below and see if any of the names there surprise you.


Since you’re visiting this site, I take that you already know that the “Fast and the Furious” star is a massive D&D aficionado, but his nerdiness doesn’t stop there. Because he was unhappy with the state the games based on movies are, Mr. Diesel has started his own gaming company, Tigon Studios. Its game, The Chronicles Of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay is considered by many to be the best movie based video game published to this day. When it comes to gaming, Mark Vincent enjoys playing MMOs and RTS on PC, and he also plays Call of Duty console games.


The star of Transformers and Ninja Turtles movies is one more celebrity that enjoys online gaming. Megan Fox likes duking it out online, and particularly likes Halo: Reach and Mortal Kombat. Who knows, maybe you have already played against her – all that she is willing to share about her online handle is that she thinks it is funny, and that it’s clearly a female nickname. Oh, and, for the record, her favorite childhood game was the SNES version of Aladdin, so there is at least one person in the world that agrees with me that that version is superior to the PC/Sega one.


Wil Wheaton, the nerd other nerds love to hate came to prominence by playing Ensign Wesley Crusher on Star Trek: The Next Generation. These days, Wil Wheaton is devoting his career to playing an evil version of himself on “The Big Bang Theory” and reading SciFi themed audiobooks. On the geeky side of things, he is known for playing board games and promoting them. When it comes to video games, Wil likes them vintage, and he has played everything from the original Metroid, Journey, and God of War.


Here is yet another Nintendo fan on this list – Rosario Dawson loves the Pokemon Series of games, as well as the games starring Mario and Link. Dawson who self-identifies as a “console gamer” has had a part as a voice actor in the Syndicate reboot, as well as playing a minor part in the Ratchet & Clank movie. (It’s OK if you forgot about it).


Say what you want about the latest batch of DCEU movies, but there is no denying that Henry Cavill gave it his best when it comes to portraying Superman on the big screen. In hindsight, it is strange to think that his World of Warcraft addiction almost cost him the part. According to his own words, he so deeply emerged into a match that he didn’t pick up the phone when the director Zack Snyder was calling him. Nowadays, the Man of Steel loves playing The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, and says that he has little time for anything else.


There seems to be a strange connection between starring in Fast & Furious movies and liking Call of Duty games since that is the game franchise that this actress loves the most these days. She blames her fondness for FPS games on her brother, who got her hooked on the original Doom when she was just a little girl. Knowing that, she must have enjoyed playing a SWAT member in the first Resident Evil movie, back in 2002. She has also lent her voice to characters in the True Crime, Halo, Battlefield and Call of Duty series.


No list of this kind could be considered complete without mentioning the late Robin Williams. The man who voiced the Genie from Aladdin loved video games so much, he even named his daughter Zelda and appeared alongside her in ads for Ocarina of Time 3D, which he considered to be the best game ever made. Besides Zelda, Robin Williams also enjoyed Call of Duty, Portal, and Warcraft. In honor of Robin Williams and his love of gaming, Blizzard immortalized him in World of Warcraft with various homages and references to Williams and his epic career.


Described by the media as the “baddest woman on the planet”, UFC Bantamweight Champion “Rowdy” Ronda Rousey is also a huge gamer. Ronda Rousey plays Pokemon and World of Warcraft. The wrestler and former mixed martial artist appeared on the cover of EA Sports’ UFC 3. In the past, she’s also spoken about playing Pokemon (Rousey claims to have owned every generation of Pokemon since its inception on the original Game Boy, and even moderated a Pokemon forum in her teenage years). According to her, she took great pleasure in teaming up with her Fast and Furious (there’s that movie again) co-star (and fellow gamer) Vin Diesel on World of Warcraft.


The current James Bond is a gamer of a particular kind. According to his own words, when he wants to really devote his time to a game, it must be a title with a substantial story, one that challenges his sense of morale and what is wrong or right, and, as he said it, “a big fat storyline.” When it comes to casual, day to day gaming, he likes his games to be as far removed from reality as possible. Craig said that can’t play too much Grand Theft Auto because it makes him “feel dirty. … I think, ‘Oh yes, all right, I’ve stolen 18 cars. I’ve had enough now.'” (Source: Wired).


The solo rapper turned group leader turned movie star turned TV star, turned reality star and more… Ice-T is perhaps the most hardcore gamer on this list. He enjoys playing Call of Duty with Snoop Dog and other rappers (he even owns real night goggles like the ones used in Modern Warfare 2). He has publicly spoken about playing many games, including Fallout: New Vegas and Medal of Honor. He’s lent his voice to both GTA: San Andreas and Gears of War 3.

So, you see, celebrities are just like us. To some, games are just a way to pass the time, while others take it way too seriously… Just like we do.