6 Best Low-Spec Browser Games

6 Best Low-Spec Browser Games You Should Be Playing

The world of gaming is quickly turning into a technological race for the best features, latest equipment, and highest-quality graphics. Unfortunately, this causes a dilemma for gamers who can’t afford the best hardware and software. If you’re one of these gamers, read on to find some of the best games that even your junky old laptop can handle.

Quick, Draw

Quick Draw Browser Screenshot

This is perhaps the simplest and most easily recognizable AI-powered game that you can sink hours of your day into, while also participating in an experiment by Google. An article on Fast Company details how Quick, Draw! went viral when it was released in 2017, collating over 50 million doodles from people around the world. From drawing things like blueberries and flamingos, the objective is to try and get the AI behind the game to recognize your crude drawings. It’s arguably Google’s cleverest way of gamifying data acquisition for AI development.

Kingdom Rush

Kingdom Rush Browser Screenshot

Kingdom Rush is a tower defense game with cute graphics that will keep you entertained with its mini-missions and orcs and goblins. As you get better at defending the kingdom, you can expect more vicious attacks from dark creatures trying to invade your territory. Before you know it, you’ll be caught up in trying to upgrade your army and reinforcements to keep up with the speed of this strategy game – all from the comfort of your trusty browser.


Diablo 1 Browser Screenshot

Good news for hardcore fans of this classic role-playing game (RPG) the original Diablo is now playable on your browser. You’ll be happy to know that the team who made this possible also tried their best to make this version identical to the original. While it may not be appealing to younger fans with its two-decade-old game design and mechanics, it’s definitely irresistible for those who remember the groundbreaking gameplay that has defined future generations of RPGs. All the original sound effects from when it was released are still intact, making the classic crawl through dungeons a truly nostalgic experience.

Pandemic 2

Pandemic 2 Browser Screenshot

Take your dream to be a terrifying game villain one step further by literally killing humanity in this one of a kind browser game. The objective is to infect the whole world with an unstoppable virus as efficiently as possible — a process you get to watch in detail on a map as you occasionally quash scientists’ attempts to find a cure. As you get better at killing humans over and over again, you even get to unlock new, more powerful strains of viruses. You can think of yourself as the bringer of the apocalypse in this surprisingly casual game, which only makes it a tiny bit creepier when you inevitably find yourself enjoying the viral slaughter.

Chain Reaction – Advanced

Chain Reaction Browser Screenshot

This deceptively simple game is a great way to spend your breaks or to procrastinate. Chain Reaction’s objective is exactly what it sounds like — to create a chain reaction and pop enough balls with increasing difficulty. The creators used HTML5 to power this game, making it one of the growing number of games on the web to use this tool. In fact, a guide to everything you need to know about HTML5 by Yoss reveals that 78% of all websites now use it thanks to powerful features like accessibility, video and audio support, clean code, and smarter storage. It’s no surprise that budding game developers are opting to use the reliable HTML5 instead of Flash to create straightforward yet addictive games like Chain Reaction.


RuneScape Browser Screenshot

Featured in our ‘Top 5 Browser MMO Games’ by Alec Sandar, this medieval fantasy MMORPG has been a mainstay for most MMO gamers throughout the years. The game offers a unique skill level-up scheme that allows players to truly make their character their own without being restrained to particular classes. Players can either engage in PvP combat or team up for epic boss hunts. The result is a unique world with near-infinite skill combinations, which players can optimize for a variety of goals and quests.