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USA VS China Phone Wars Round 16

Phone Wars 16

After many months of ongoing Phone Wars between USA and China, Huawei P40 is still launching globally, despite the bans from Google services and the USA president’s Trump hardware trade deals. This naturally means that the upcoming Smartphone could be launching without the Play Store, which means it won’t have first-party apps like YouTube and […]

USA Vs China Phone Wars Round 15

Phone Wars 15

Huawei’s 5G Southeast Asia network infrastructure is now ready to be plugged in, says the Chinese giant telecommunications company, shrugging off all the negative effects from the ongoing Phone Wars with the USA. The conflicts were not just in cyberspace for the USA did block any and all USA tech manufacturers from trading with Huawei […]

USA VS China Phone Wars Round 14

Phone Wars Round 14

Just when we thought the Phone Wars were over, Huawei loses Google Apps bootleg access. This means Huawei Mate 30 Smartphone devices won’t allow for manual install of Android apps anymore. This bootleg access was kind of an official workaround, or a public secret sort to say, on how Google services were still available for […]

USA VS CHINA Phone Wars Round 12

Phone Wars Round 12

Huawei just banned bootloader from unlocking on the latest Mate 30, banning Google services from their latest flagship. This move represents the latest event in the ongoing Chinese and United States trade dispute, raging for almost a year now that we’ve chosen to call Phone Wars which had 11 big rounds so far, making this […]

USA VS China Phone Wars Round 11

Phone Wars 11

Huawei EMUI 10 was just announced, right after they revealed their plans for HarmonyOS, their own mobile operating system. This latest 10.0 version is closely based on Android Q, which demonstrates how committed the company is to Android. Smartphone series will be getting the beta test version on September 8, while Google is expected to […]

USA VS China Phone Wars Round 10

USA vs China Phone Wars Round 10

In a Huawei VS Trump or USA VS China war, and war it surely is, the latest development concerns those who really suffer in any conflict on any scale – the people. Online reports are coming in about Huawei’s planned layoffs reaching massive proportions and it is all due to the reduced amount of work […]

USA VS China Phone Wars Round 9

Phone Wars Round 9

Huawei’s lawsuit projectile launched and it’s headed for the US Commerce Department. Huawei sued the United States Commerce Department for the seized equipment, last Friday. The exact target of the lawsuit was the question if the telecommunications equipment that is arriving from China to the US and back to China again is covered by the […]