No Mans Sky Beyond Update

A major update coming for No Man’s Sky this Summer

No Man’s Sky had a less than stellar start couple of years ago, deemed the most disappointing game of 2017, but in the following year, it somehow managed to redeem itself by content expansion via free DLC packages. Right now the game is very close to the initial idea of an absolute space expansion game, lacking only multiplayer features for the complete enjoyment. Until now.

No Mans Sky Beyond UpdateHello Games, United Kingdom based game studio, announced that another update to No Man’s Sky called BEYOND is up to launch this summer for Xbox One PlayStation 4 and PC. The main focus of this update will be the improvement of social and multiplayer experience. The developers promise this update will bring players together like never before.

No Mans Sky Beyond UpdateWith that in mind, Hello Games released a new trailer for BEYOND, which contains numerous teases and announcements for the expansion of content and changes that will allow players to unite and explore the galaxy together in the online component of this game. The best thing is that in order to enjoy this expansion you don’t need any subscription. BEYOND also won’t have any microtransaction and it will be completely free for all the players already owning the game.

No Mans Sky Beyond UpdateMultiplayer is just one significant part of the colossal update that will BEYOND bring. Hello Games will gradually reveal more and more of the future content in the weeks to come. it is really great to see that one of the biggest disappointments in modern gaming successfully redeemed itself and slowly reaching the game that was promised to us a couple of years ago.

If you want to remain up to date with the latest information about the progression of No Man’s Sky BEYOND, the best way is to keep yourself informed directly from the No Man’s Sky site.