Hey guys, had enough of my Action RPG articles? Well, you’ll just have to endure, because another one is here. Though rest assured, this isn’t a Diablo clone like most others. It’s rather a next-gen mobile hack ‘n’ slash title more akin to Devil May Cry or Monster Hunter (yeah, I’m actually getting vibes from this game, too!), only it’s intended for multiplayer contrary to DMC.

Darkness Rises (previously named Dark Avenger III) has been in development for quite some time now (which makes sense considering how polished the game seems when it comes to visuals, models, textures, particles and especially animations). It’s a very high investment to make such a game for mobile devices, because, if you are not familiar with the game, voice acting and everything I mentioned above are on a very high level. So we basically have a next-gen mobile MMO Devil May Cry on our hands, and while the theme is somewhat standard medieval setting, the characters don’t seem to be overly bland. Now we only need to see if it’s fun…

First, check the trailer for the game and then we will continue on.

The game was developed by Nexon Company are specialists in online games for both PC and mobile. They have quite a track record, being founded all the way back in 1994. Initially based in Seoul, South Korea, they had moved to Tokyo, Japan in 2005. They are a global company though, and have offices around the globe. They have a very long list of games behind them (over 80 actually) and they have released these games in over 190 countries. They have acquired and integrated smaller companies over the years and are very successful businessmen, but I will avoid talking about this as it would needlessly regress our topic at hand.

So, with such a great track, will the Nexus deliver a huge hit? Quite possibly yes. Darkness Rises already has a very large following. Over 40 thousand people follow it on Facebook alone, and there is an active Reddit subsection with lively discussions about skills, guilds and everything else related to the game. So far the most important thing that the fans of the Beta and the Soft Launch had agreed upon is that this game is not pay to win. Guilds will be able to raid and pvp together upon release, so the social aspect seems fine. Currently, max level is 60, and you could reach it in about a week. PvP, for now, is limited to 1v1 and 3v3. The combat is, of course, done in real time. There are several tiers of items, ranging from rank N to rank S. The story is – you guessed it – the eternal clash between light and darkness.

Character customization has been highlighted by Nexus and the fans alike. Creating your unique hero, akin to an Elder Scrolls title apparently, gives a lot more freedom than we usually see on mobile, and it was only a matter of time until we saw RPGs start to do that on mobile (if I am not mistaken, most games with such features were SIMS and similar social games). You will also be able to collect and customize a variety of outfits.

Nexus has marketed Darkness Rises as having a AAA quality, and it certainly seems like they aren’t saying that just to attract attention, but I am not yet sold on it beside their great finishing moves, riding monsters and fancy combat animations. We will just have to wait for four more days to see. I’d like to review the game as well, so you can expect to read it soon after we get the global release.