Adventures with WizMate

Adventures with WizMate is now available on Google Play

Adventures with WizMate mobile puzzle game just appeared on Google Play as its soft launch phase began. It was already available for AOS in several other regions, while iOS users will get the game on July 9th, 2019. INNOAG, the game’s developer, chose this course of action as the safest way to secure the launch phase and possibly adapt on the go, if needed.

The game’s publishing is being handled successfully by LINE GAMES Corporation. It is being marketed as a 3-match puzzle game that features high character customization and, of course, a chat system. The game is set in a wizard village where the player partakes in its restoration process. You are tasked with different puzzles that all serve as a means to restore the ruined village. So far, there are 130 different stages to this game, with unlockable story quests on the side.

Character customization does offer a certain allure to this game, for it is a social media based product. It features a Boutique for customizing avatars. As mentioned, players can partake in 3-match puzzle stages, but Adventures with WizMate features so much more. LINE GAMES Corp. is naturally the affiliate of the LINE global messenger service and they are based in Korea. They are currently expanding their business and delving deeper into various genres, and this is another one of their ambitious projects.