AFK Arena Review


Why not just go AFK? AFK Arena mobile is the next and the first concrete step in Idle Games, in terms of the title at least. Idle games, or incremental/clicker games, are famous for catering to the need of the people to play a game without having to deal with it much. The game plays itself, sort to speak, so you can go *Away From Keyboard* as the title AFK Arena says.

AFK Arena scores:

4.7 Stars on Google Play (over 500K votes)

4.7 Stars on iTunes App Store and #21 in Strategy (over 9k votes)

Naturally, AFK (Away From Keyboard) is an old school term that sprung up long before the mobile phone and mobile games. AFK Arena was developed by Lilith Games, who also brought us Rise of Kingdoms, Soul Hunters, Art of Conquest, Dank Tanks, and others.

Lilith Games was founded in Shanghai, China, in 2015. Lilith’s Soul Hunters enjoyed great commercial success and was the top grossing game on the App Store at one point. Many of their other titles are ranked among top 10 on both iTunes App Store and Google Play.

AFK Arena is an immersive game, despite it playing itself most of the time. This is partly due to the games attractive looks and graphics. The modeling and overall cartoonish style of the game is a step away from the usual fantasy style similar games possess.

Besides allowing you to go AFK, the second part of the title suggests this is a battle arena game, which means also hero collector! Now, the heroes are by far the best part of this game. The detailing and the artwork is incredible. They look really cool and their battle animations almost feel as if Lilith wanted us to step back and enjoy watching the game, while it plays itself.

AFK Arena gameplay is pretty decent and along the lines of a standard arena game. The game goes on even while you turn it off, but when you log it is when you do some more active gameplay. You build your team and go into battles – the usual stuff.

Both PvE and PvP are covered, with various quests, challenges, and a storyline campaign. The players are awarded resources like gold and diamonds. Also, gear is a big part of AFK Arena, in terms of gameplay.

AFK Arena heroes level up constantly, even when you are not logged in, so the experience is gained passively. Of course, with the player’s active involvement, everything is taken up a notch. You can also speed up or slow down the game to accommodate your own pace of following the game unfolding. Recruitment and other out of combat stuff are also immersive and it is actually the part that needs player’s attention.

AFK Arena reviews are overall positive and the game does showcase the experience Lilith Games gained over the years. It is perhaps not targeted to be the best seller but does fit in nicely with its targeted audience. It offers a lot of content, with the mid-game level easily achievable. Even the end game is not that far for dedicated players and doesn’t require any real money spent on in-game purchases.

8.7 Epic
  • Appearance 8.5
  • Gameplay 9.5
  • Atmosphere 8
  • User Ratings (1 Votes) 7.9