AFK Arena Top 10 Tier List

AFK Arena Tier List for Top 10 Heroes

Hello everyone, as most of you are well aware of, AFK Arena has been growing in popularity ever since its release, and there are many different heroes to choose from. Because of this, it is important to know which Heroes are good in the meta, and hopefully, our AFK Arena Tier List for Top 10 Heroes will help you with deciding which Heroes to use. 

[23.9.2019. We’ve updated the Tier List to reflect the recent changes made in 1.24 update. We’ll continue to monitor the meta and we’ll adjust things if necessary.]

1. Shemira – Rating 97

Faction: Graveborn
Class: Intelligence
Type: Mage
Role: Damage Dealer

Shemira is one of the most powerful damage dealers in AFK Arena. Her kit allows her to wreck enemies with ease while keeping herself healthy thanks to her Ultimate – Tortured Souls and her Soul Siphon skill. Her Silence skill can make short work of some dangerous enemy Heroes, which rounds up her kit quite well and places her on a top spot of our AFK Arena Tier List. 

+ Great AoE Damage thanks to her Ultimate

+ Amazing self healing

+ Her Silence can help immensely against enemy mages

+ Fits well in most teams

Heavily reliant on her Ultimate to deal damage and heal herself

Her Silence targets are random, which can screw you up in certain situations

Prone to being bursted down

Fairly weak at low levels, but scales amazingly in the late game

2. Lucius – Rating 96

Faction: Lightbearers
Class: Strength
Type: Melee
Role: Support/Tank

If you are looking for a Hero that can protect, buff, and heal allies, while also being able to tank and do some crowd controlling, then Lucius is the right choice for you. He is pretty much the only Hero in AFK Arena that can both tank and support his team effectively. This makes him one of the best Heroes in AFK Arena, which is why he’s the essential member of many top team setups.

+ Provides amazing protection for the team via his Heaven’s Protection skill which gives his entire team massive damage shield

+ Has decent healing capabilities with his Divine Blessing skill

+ Has somewhat decent crowd control ability with his Divine Strike skill

His damage is very low, which is his only noticeable downside

3. Antandra – Rating 95

Faction: Maulers
Class: Agility
Type: Melee
Role: Tank

Anthandra is a Tanky Melee Type hero specialized in diving, crowd controlling, and self-healing. Her biggest strength lies in her ability to heal herself. Unlike many other tanks, she has both sustained and burst healing in her kit. On top of that, she has the uninterruptible gap closer as well as the AoE knockdown, which allows her to both dive into the enemy back line and prevent the enemies from reaching her teammates. Thanks to all of this, she is extremely useful in most situations, which earned her a high spot on our list. 

+ Extremely good self healing

+ Decent Crowd Control

+ Good damage

– Her main weakness are heroes with the ability to negate healing

– Her allies need to attack her marked target in order for her healing to be more effective

4. Gwyneth – Rating 94

Faction: Lightbearers
Class: Strength
Type: Ranged
Role: Damage Dealer

Gwyneth is Ranged type Damage Dealer specialized in dealing heavy amounts of damage from afar. Thanks to her Divine Arrow skill, she can completely devastate her enemies. Also, as long as there are no enemies in her immediate vicinity, she gains massive bonuses to her accuracy and critical, which makes her especially deadly. To top things off, her normal attacks can apply burn effect that also reduces the enemy health recovery, and thanks to her Lightning Arrow, she has a high chance of dealing damage to multiple enemies on every attack, which can also stun enemies and apply the burn effect. Also, she is extremely potent when paired with Hendrik since his Knockback synergizes amazingly well with her Divine Arrow skill.

+ Extremely strong ranged damage dealer capable of dealing massive AoE damage

+ Can also stun enemies and reduce their health recovery


– Her effectiveness is severely reduced when there are enemies near her, especially enemies that are able to dive her (like Antandra)

– Reliant on having strong, heavy crowd-control oriented frontline in order to fully utilize her potential

5. Tasi – Rating 93

Faction: Wilders
Class: Intelligence
Type: Mage
Role: Support

Tasi is one of the strongest Support Heroes in AFK Arena. Her kit allows her to Heal teammates with her Dream Spirit ability, but that is not her main strong point. She offers amazing crowd control abilities with Slumber and Banishment, which makes her exceptionally strong support Hero. Not many other Heroes offer the same level of crowd control as she does, and that earns her one of the top spots on our AFK Arena Tier List.

+ Amazing Crowd Control capabilities thanks to her skills Slumber and Banishment

+ Can do some decent healing with Dream Spirit

+ Her Teleportation skill makes her very hard to kill

Very low energy regen

Teleportation can sometimes place her into a very dangerous situation

She is pretty useless against enemies that are immune to crowd control, such as guild bosses

6. Brutus – Rating 92

Faction: Maulers
Class: Strength
Type: Melee
Role: Damage Dealer/Tank

Brutus is perhaps, one of the strongest Heroes in AFK Arena. His skills make him exceptionally hard to kill, and the lower his health is, the more damage he deals. This synergizes great with his Last Grasp skill, which provides him with damage immunity when his health drops to zero. On top of that, his Roar ability makes the enemies unable to dodge, which counters Heroes that heavily rely on dodge. But that’s not all. His Whirlwind ability can obliterate enemy team while also providing him with crowd control immunity and healing him in the process – literally “spin to win”. This great skill synergy puts him high on our AFK Arena Tier List.

+ Amazing skills synergy.

+ Extremely difficult to kill. Only few Heroes can counter his Last Grasp skill

+ Synergizes well with other Strength/Agility Heroes

Quite weak in the early game

Requires a lot of investment to really shine

Not that good against guild bosses

7. Nemora – Rating 91

Faction: Wilders
Class: Intelligence
Type: Mage
Role: Support

Alongside Tasi, Nemora is one of the best Support Heroes in AFK Arena. However, unlike Tasi, whose main strength lies in crowd control, Nemora is mainly focused on healing her allies. Most of her skills are focused on healing her allies, and even if she overheals them, the portion of that healing will be converted into protective shield, which makes her the best healer in AFK Arena hands down. 

+ Amazing healing skills. No other Hero in AFK Arena can compete with her when it comes to raw healing potential

+ Even her overhealing is useful, which is another reason why she is so strong

+ She has some crowd control potential thanks to her Beguile skill

No damage. Sadly, the damage she deals is pretty much neglectable, but let’s face it, no one will place her in a team to deal damage

No burst-healing. While her overall healing is amazing, most of her healing is sustained, so she doesn’t offer much burst potential, which can be problematic at times.

8. Athalia – Rating 90

Faction: Celestials
Class: Agility
Type: Melee
Role: Damage Dealer

Athalia is melee Hero specialized in taking down an enemy with extremely high burst damage. Her Judgement skill allows you to pick the target you want her to burst down, which is simply amazing. Also, she counts as a member of any Faction, which means she can fit into any team composition. The only reason why she isn’t ranked any higher on our AFK Arena Tier List is because she is extremely difficult to obtain and ascend. Be ready to spend tons of diamonds if you want to include her in your team.

+ Great controllable burst damage

+ Decent crowd control capabilities

+ Fits well into any team thanks to her special Celestials Faction

One of the hardest Heroes to ascend

Weak against Heroes with high dodge

9. Satrana – Rating 89

Faction: Maulers
Class: Intelligence
Type: Melee
Role: Damage Dealer

Satrana is a Melee Type hero specialized in dealing AoE damage. Unlike most Intelligence heroes, Satrana can be quite tanky while using her Firedance Ability, which will make her almost impossible to kill while it’s active. Also, her Fireseeds are extremely useful when dealing with heroes that heavily rely on healing (such as Shemira, Antandra, or Nemora). Despite not having as high damage as some other heroes, Satrana can be a very useful addition to many teams, especially when facing some healing-heavy compositions.

+ Very durable thanks to her Firedance Ability

+ Great for negating healing

+ All of her abilities are AoE

– Fairly weak single target damage

– Very squishy and easy to take down while her Firedance Ability is on cooldown

10. Rosaline – Rating 87

Faction: Lightbearers
Class: Intelligence
Type: Mage
Role: Support

Rosaline is a Mage Type Support hero, specialized in boosting the combat capabilities and assisting one of her allies. She is quite unique in that sense, since her toolkit allows her to follow the highest attack ally. This gives her a hefty damage reduction, which makes her quite tanky. She can also replenish energy for the ally she’s following, which opens up some nice combinations. Other than that, she can grant that ally a nice bonus to damage and she can also do some crowd control. She is best paired with Shemira or Brutus, which can heavily boost the performance of these heroes.

+ Offers great support for one of her teammates

+ Hard to take down thanks to her Spring Cleaning Ability

– Her damage is pretty much non-existent

– She can be bursted down when her Spring Cleaning Ability is on cooldown

This AFK Arena Tier List for Top 10 Heroes has been updated with the current version of the game, and with new updates, it will be changed accordingly.