[Updated for version 1.32.01]

  • Solise has been added on the list

On this page you will find all Heroes form the AFK Arena fully described and divided by Tiers. Use Filters to find best hero combinations and then click on the image to get more information.


NOTE: In this part of the text we will add a short explanation about the tier list concept, what it is and how it is used. To see all heroes placement in the tier list, use the filter at the top of the page and then click on the image to get more information about the hero.

We divided AFK Heroes into 5 quality Tiers. Tier 1 is filled with the best Heroes in the game while in Tier 5 are the worst. This Tier List measures Hero’s qualities in all aspects of the game together. You will also be able to filter Heroes by Faction and Role. Tier List will be changed after every update in order to provide you the most accurate Tier List on the web.

  • Tier 1 – currently best and most powerful characters in the game

    • Athalia
    • Mehira
    • Lucius and others (use Filter by Tier at the top of the page to see full list of Tier 1 heroes)
  • Tier 2 – second best tier of characters in the game

    • Ezizh
    • Safiya
    • Orthros and others (use Filter by Tier at the top of the page to see full list of Tier 2 heroes)
  • Tier 3 – average characters for average tier

    • Isabella
    • Kaz
    • Gwyneth and others (use Filter by Tier at the top of the page to see full list of Tier 3 heroes)
  • Tier 4 – low performing AFK Arena characters

    • Hendrik
    • Warek
    • Skreg and others (use Filter by Tier at the top of the page to see full list of Tier 4 heroes)
  • Tier 5 – worst AFK Arena heroes tier in the game

    • Rigby
    • Gorvo
    • Raine and others (use Filter by Tier at the top of the page to see full list of Tier 5 heroes)


Athalia is agility based Assassin/Burst character from the Celestial Faction. She is probably the best damage dealer in the game who can inflict serious damage to all enemies 3 times in a row. Besides that, she can cause devastating damage to the opposite enemy while applying Stun and disabling Regeneration in the process. She also has an aura that lowers her received damage and increases damage done based on the number of alive allies. You can find Athalia’s placement in AFK arena tier list at the top of the page.


She is an intelligence-based AoE/Tank from the Graveborn Faction. While surrounded by enemies she can use Souls around her to damage all enemies over 12 seconds and heal herself in the process. She can also leech Souls from her victims causing decent DMG which is then transformed into Health that heals Shemira. Shemira is especially effective against Magic users who can be struck with a massive blow and silenced at the same time. Her damage is based on her Health – the more Health she has the more DMG she inflicts. Her DMG can be increased to up to 30%.


She is agility based Continuous Damager/Regenerator from the Celestial Faction. Talene’s main ability is to transform into Phoenix. In Phoenix form, she loses 90% of Health which is transformed into permanent Shield of equal value and her attack is drastically increased. During the combat, she can summon Meteor to fall onto unfortunate enemies dealing devastating damage. While in Phoenix from Meteor fall continuously on random targets. Whenever Talene dies she transforms into a fireball recovering a small portion of her health until it reaches 50% after which it explodes causing an enormous amount of damage and Talene is reborn. Her recovery rate is gradually decreased every subsequent time she transforms into a fireball. Talene’s passive ability enables 2 weakest allies to recover a big portion of her Attack Rating as Health each time Talene loses a portion of her health. Use filters to find Talene in AFK arena tier list.


They are intelligence-based Buffers/Regenerators from the Celestial Faction. Those two powerful twins fight separately but share the same health and energy which is considerably increased. They can increase Speed of all allies, restore HP to the most injured ally and Energy to the ally with the highest remaining energy. When someone applies a debuff to Lailah, Elijah will remove all negative effects and if Elijah is attacked Lailah will teleport to his position to attack and knock back the attacker. Passive ability enables them to affect the last two standing allies with their “Grace” creating a union between those two allies who will receive drastically decreased damage from enemies.


He is a strength-based Regenerator/Tank from the Lightbearer Faction. His main skill blesses all allies with powerful Shield that drastically reduces incoming DMG based on Lucius’ attack. Lucius can also heal the most injured ally based on a considerable amount of Health based on Lucius’ attack. Healed allies have also increased defense rating for 5 seconds. In dealing with enemies Lucius uses his mighty Warhammer that causing Shockwaves to all nearby enemies. When fully leveled Lucius creates a blessed Shield that almost fully reduces incoming damage for 5 seconds. Also, whenever Lucius is ready to use his ultimate he will bless his shield becoming immune to enemy control. Lucius placement in AFK arena tier list can be found at the start of the page.


He is a strength-based Tank/Burst Damager from the Mauler Faction. Brutus main ability is the spinning attack that makes him immune to Magic and strikes the enemy twice while entering into Frenzy state. Brutus has mighty Roar that lowers the defenses of all enemies causing that allies inflict 25% more DMG. His damage output is increased with every point of Health lost to up to 90% of increased damage. When Brutus receives a fatal blow she remains on 1 Health point for 4 seconds becoming immune to all DMG.


She is an intelligence-based Controller/Buffer from the Wilder Faction. Tasi can put all enemies to sleep for a brief period during which damage inflicted against them is accumulated and increased when they woke up. At the start of the battle, Tasi summons a Fiery which heals allies and harms enemies during entire combat. Also, Tasi is able to banish the most powerful enemy for 4 seconds and during that time the banished enemy cannot attack or be attacked. When someone attacks Tasi she is teleported behind an enemy back or an ally back. If she teleports near ally, she increases its Speed but if she teleports near enemy she struck it for an enormous amount of damage.


She is an intelligence-based Controller/Buffer from the Wilder faction. She can attack all enemies on the battlefield causing overwhelming damage to each target, stunning them and summoning cherry blossom leaves that will fall from the sky enhancing all other Solise’s abilities for a considerable amount of time. She can also attack and stun a single target with her second skill causing massive damage and stunning all nearby targets if she is under the effect of cherry blossom leaves. Her third skill summons a powerful “Floral Spectre” that can reflect incoming damage and whose damage output is significantly increased if Solise is under the effect of cherry blossom leaves. Solise passive ability blesses an allied Hero reducing their damage received and granting them decent Health regeneration for 8 seconds. Solise is a new Hero whose might is yet to be seen but according to powerful AoE and prolonged mass Stun, she will be definitely a very important addition to any squad.


Nemora is an Intelligence-based Regenerator/Controller from the Wilder Faction. Nemora is the best healer in the game who can heal allies multiple times in the combat for 30% of her own Maximum Health. At the top of that, she can enhance her healing even more and her passive ability enables her to heal most injured ally continuously during the entire battle. In combat, she deals with enemies by entrancing them and making them use only normal attacks to cause damage against their allies for a considerable amount of time. Nemora spot in AFK arena tier list can be found at the start of the page.


He is an intelligence-based Buffer/Regenerator from the Lightbearer Faction. Rowan’s main ability is to toss shiny coins around the battlefield. If ally picks up a coin it will regenerate energy and have increased Attack for a considerable amount of time but if the enemy picks up a coin it will be stunned for 4 seconds. Rowan also has a duck on his head which attacks all enemies in front of him causing their accuracy to drop and stealing energy for Rowan. When the battle starts Rowan places 3 health Potions to be used by most injured allies when the times come. Rowan passive ability enables him to lose Energy instead of Health when he is struck by a mighty blow. This can occur every 3 seconds and a maximum of 80 energy points can be used to mitigate the damage received.


She is an intelligence-based Controller/Tank from the Hypogean Faction. Mehira’s main ability is to charm all enemies who will start attacking each other for up to 5 seconds. Her whip is used to harm anyone in front of her including allies (struck friends will have their speed and energy increased). While confronting a single enemy, Mehira can reduce the enemy’s damage done and she can life drain portion of the enemy’s health. At the start of combat, Mehira sacrifices its health to summon 3 minions who will attack opponents immediately restoring Mehira’s health with each strike and who will be sacrificed (one at the time to up to 3 times) when Mahira receives a fatal blow to revive her with 25% Health. Scroll up to find Mehira in AFK arena tier list.


He is a strength-based Continuous Damager/Tank from the Celestial Faction. When in danger he vanished from the battlefield creating 3 clones of himself that can use his abilities and have almost the same stats as Wu Kong. However, these clones receive double DMG and when they are killed, Wu Kong reapers. Wu Kong has u Bludgeon that deals massive damage to everyone around him. He can throw his bludgeon into the air and it will land into most densely concentrated area dealing devastating damage to all nearby enemies. Wu Kong is almost immune to control effects because he can predict it and avoid it, summoning clone in his position who will continue to fight. Summoned clone shares the attributes of Wu Kong and it can be summoned once every 11 seconds.


He is is a strength-based Tank/Debuffer from the Celestial Faction. He has an ability to stop time, freezing all Heroes on the battlefield and unleashing multiple lightning strikes against the most injured enemy. This ability usually kills one target. When the battle starts Orthros creates a time trap against 2 closest enemies that explode in the first 20 seconds unleashing unspeakable destructive force. If one of those enemies dies before the time trap is triggered it will trigger immediately against another target. Orthros also has a devastating attack against a single target that can prevent Energy Recovery. His passive ability enables him to increase his health every second to up to 150% of his maximum health. Check orthros placement in AFK arena tier list at the top.


She is an agility based Buffer/Continuous Damager from the Wilder Faction. Lyca’s main ability is to shot a powerful arrow that utterly destroys a single target causing mortal injuries. With every attack, Lyca fires 3 arrows at a single enemy and each hit decreases target’s defensive rating by 3% up to a maximum of 18%. When the battle starts Lyca enters the combat furiously on her Deer increasing her allies’ Attack Speed for a considerable amount of time.


He is agility based AoE/Debuffer from the Wilder Faction. Eiron can transform his two blades into one powerful sword that can cause massive damage to all enemies and summon Ice Tornado that deals AOE damage, knockback and slow enemies. In combat, Eiron uses his two blades separately. When he uses Ice Blade he harms all enemies in front of him and freezes them and when he uses Wind Blade he attacks a single target inflicting massive DMG which is increased with every percent of enemy’s health. Eiron can also summon a gust of Wind that will draw all enemies towards him dealing major damage. Eiron’s passive ability increases his attack rating and enabling him a chance to ignore the enemy’s defenses. If the enemy wears a shield Eiron’s DMG output is multiplied by 150%.


She is agility based Assassin/Tank from the Wilder Faction. She harasses enemy back-liners with swift powerful attacks after which she returns to her starting position. Enemies who oppose her in combat she strikes 3 times in a row causing medium damage with each strike. Every 10 seconds she can dodge one incoming attack becoming especially hard to kill by enemy Tanks who usually oppose her. At the top of that, she permanently increases her Dodge Rating gaining additional Energy with every successful Dodge. You can check Kaz in AFK arena tier list if you scroll to the top.


She is an intelligence-based Buffer/Continuous Damager from the Ligthbearer Faction. Her main ability is to follow the strongest character in the party and increase their Energy Recovery and Attack. While following Rosaline receives just 40% of incoming DMG but she expends a large portion of her own energy until the Energy of an ally is not fully restored. In combat, she focuses on enemies who attack the ally she follows and targets them with teacups or teapots which causes great damage and stun the opponents. During the battle, she continuously heals the ally she followed based on her Attack rating. Her passive ability prevents enemies from attacking her while she uses her broom to clean up near followed ally. Her broom deals decent DMG and if she is in the back-line it knocks back attacking enemy.


He is agility based Continuous Damager/Debuffer from the Graveborn Faction. Ferael uses his Demonic Bow and Arrow to cause devastating damage against all enemies. The damage is increased for each Evil Spirit summoned by Ferael. Evil Spirits can be summoned by his cursed arrows, his ability to terrifies and stuns up to 2 enemies and upon the death of any Hero. Evil Spirits hunts down enemies causing damage for at least 10 seconds. Ferael place in AFK arena tier list can be found using tier filters.


She is an intelligence-based AoE/Buffer from the Mauler Faction. Safiya is a unique Hero because you can control the power of her ultimate. As long as you press her portrait she will focus her energy into a powerful orb which can cause up to 540% of base Attack when fully charged against all enemies on the battlefield. Releasing the button immediately will inflict 5 times lower damage in a small AoE. She can also create an energy projectile that inflicts enormous damage and stuns the target. This projectile than splits into 2 smaller and weaker projectiles that causes DMG to nearby enemies. Allies in the front line can be buffed by Safiya with an electric aura that harms all enemies around them over time. When the battle starts Safiya creates a magic circle in the center of the battlefield. All allies in the circle will have their attack increased while enemies will have their Speed and Attack decreased. This circle lasts 25 seconds.


Nara is a strength-based Assassin/Burst Damager from the Graveborn Faction. She has a. ability to assassinate any target whose health is below 40% ignoring all target’s defense and invincibility effects. If this ability is used against targets whose health is above 40%, the damage is reduced 6 times. When fighting with an enemy who opposes her she can stun that enemy inflicting thousand little cuts in the process. If there are no enemy close to Nara, she will then use her grappling hook to impale an enemy and drag it towards her. Whoever attacks Nara will lose Energy with each strike against her. This can occur a maximum of 4 times in 10 seconds. Use tier filters to find Nara in AFK arena tier list.


He is a strength-based Tank/Buffer from the Lightbearer Faction. Hendrik is a tank that uses 2 large Shields to smash the ground causing medium DMG and stunning all nearby enemies. Stun duration depends on Hendrik’s health – the more health he lost the longer duration of stun will be. Hendrik can also use his shields to knock back enemies causing decent damage and stunning them for a brief period. Hendrik will do everything to protect his back-line allies and when some of them receive fatal damage Hendrik will immediately jump in front of them receiving all incoming DMG for the next 10 seconds. Once per battle when his health drops below 40% Hendrik can assume a defensive stance placing his shield to the ground and restoring his health with each second. While he is in the defensive stance the damage received is considerably decreased.


Ezizh is a strength-based Debuffer/Continuous Damager from the Hypogean faction. He can create an explosion that deals devastating damage against surrounding enemies and causing the ground to burn damaging anyone caught in the explosion for the next 5 seconds. He also has a nasty ability to mind control furthest enemy, prevent it from attacking and make it comes towards Ezizh to receive obliterating damage. His third ability unleashes mighty Shockwave towards all enemies that inflict massive DMG and rendering them unable to cast Ultimate for a brief period of time. Ezizh’s passive ability allows his allies to regain a portion of their Energy every 3 seconds during the whole battle.


He is an Intelligence-based Controller/Debuffer from the Hypogean Faction. He can create a Frozen Mist that freezes everyone whose health is below 30% and slowly draining the Health of all enemies for 14 seconds. Frozen Mist initially deals medium DMG and while it is present Khazard uses breath of Frost Serpent to harm and freeze targets that are not already frozen. He can also throw glacial spikes in all directions that will cause medium damage to anyone in its path. During the combat, Khazard uses Ice Beam to freeze his enemies dealing overwhelming damage in the process.


She is a strength-based Continuous Damager/Buffer from the Lightbearer faction. She uses her bow to fire Divine Arrows that split in the sky causing devastating damage to any enemy on the opposite side of the screen. However, if there is no one the enemy’s side of the battlefield Divine Arrows will cause no DMG. Gwyneth also uses flaming arrows that strike enemies opposite her current position causing heavy damage and burning them. When she fires a Lightning arrow she causes enormous DMG to multiple targets with Chain Lightning. If Fire Arrow is shot at the same time as Lightning Arrow, the burning effect is spread to all targets caught by Chain Lightning. If there are no enemies near Gwyneth, her Accuracy and Critical Rating are drastically increased. Gwyneth can be found in AFK arena tier list at the top of the page.


Satrana is intelligence-based Burst Damager/AoE from the Mauler Faction. Satrana manipulates nasty fire seeds which are thrown at the enemy with the highest Combat Rating to explode causing devastating AoE damage when their health drops below 30%. Her attacks are short, brutal and strike enemies twice. During the battle, Satrana performs a fire dance causing flames to engulf her enemies multiple times dealing medium DMG with each attack and exploding at the end with catastrophic results. During the dance Satrana’s damage received is halved. When Starana dies all her fire seeds drop on the ground causing a big explosion after several moments which will harm any enemy nearby.


Fawkes is an agility based Controller/Debuffer from the Lightbearer Faction. His ultimate inflicts medium DMG against all enemies and removes all their buffs. During the combat, Fawkes can considerably reduce Attack Speed of targeted enemy for a decent amount of time. He can also trap enemy with the highest Attack rating into his coffin for 7 seconds causing minor damage and preventing that enemy from attacking or being attacked. Fawkes uses a crossbow named “Silver Bolt” which increases his damage significantly and deals additional DMG against de-buffed targets. Scroll up to find his place in in AFK arena tier list.


He is agility based Assassin/Continuous Damager from the Graveborn Faction. Kelthur is a Ninja who uses his mighty shuriken to cause medium damage to all enemies in its path and to teleport and assassinate the last target shuriken hit. Once in every 10 seconds, Kelthur completely dodges and retaliates incoming attack with a brute force dealing massive DMG against the attacker. When the battle starts Kelthur swaps position with an enemy on the opposite position making that enemy receive increased DMG from all sources for 7 seconds. When Kelthur dies he comes back to the battlefield as a specter who can use all Kelthur’s abilities until it vanishes. Specter cannot be attacked and its speed is doubled but it gradually loses health with each passed second.


She is an agility based Tank/Burst Damager from the Mauler Faction. Antandra uses a small shield and a spear to attack the enemy several times dealing disastrous damage and knocking them backward. Upon activating this ability Antandra doubles her Health restoration for 7 seconds. Antandra also has a special attack that marks the target and causes heavy DMG. Marked targets are prioritized when she uses an ultimate and 30% of the DMG they received is converted into Antandra’s health. After 8 seconds of battle, Antandra chooses the furthest enemy and throws a spear at it causing shattering damage and teleporting into its location continuing to attack them. When she throws a spear it will penetrate all enemies until it reaches its final target. This ability cannot be dodged or interrupted. During the battle, Antandra will swipe her spear against all enemies in her vicinity causing heavy DMG and trying to knock them out. For every enemy she is able to knock out she will restore 25% of her health.


He is agility based Continuous Damager/Tank from the Graveborn Faction. During the battle he is helped by a Shadow he summons which has almost identical statistics as he and can use all his abilities except ultimate. However, Shadow receives increased DMG. Baden can also summon Phantom behind the enemy backline which will cause heavy damage to the enemy but it will last only 6 seconds during which it will receive double DMG. In dealing with enemies Baden relies on a three-stage attack that causes medium DMG with each strike against all enemies in front of him. For each summoned Phantom Baden gains increased attack and his DMG received is decreased by 20%. Scroll up to find his place in AFK arena tier list.


It is a strength-based Tank/Regenerator from the Wilder Faction. Ulmus is a tree that can use its roots to recover half of his Health by rooting into the ground and becoming a non-removable object with a ranged attack. While rooted to the ground he becomes immune to control abilities. He also uses his roots to entangle enemies causing medium damage and preventing them from using any attacks. Besides using roots Ulmus can apply Shield to the weakest ally mitigating up to 200% of the damage they received. He also has a strong regenerating ability that allows him to restore the portion of lost health every second.


She is an intelligence-based Continuous Damager/Assassin from the Graveborn Faction. Isabella’s main ability is to use her magic tome to inflict massive DMG multiple times in a brief period of time against random targets. She is especially effective against most vulnerable targets because she instantly attacks them with her second ability. Isabella can gradually restore her Energy by sacrificing health which enables her to use the ultimate more often than other Heroes. Her passive ability enables her to reduce her casting period by 15% for a period of time. Go to the top of the page to find her in AFK arena tier list.


He is a strength-based Continuous Damager/Buffer from the Mauler Faction. Khasos attacks furthest targets by leaping towards them and smashing ground to cause obliterating damage to anyone near the jump zone. He uses twin axes for both melees and ranged combat. If he is in melee, his Defense is increased while if he uses ranged attacks his Attack is increased. When he uses ranged attack he can throw the axe like boomerang striking all enemies in its path. If he successfully catches the axe his attack speed will be increased. With Khasos on the battlefield, all allies will have their life drain increased for a significant amount.


He is agility based Assassin/Continuous Damager from the Lightbearer Faction. Thane is a master swordsman who can unleash a furious sword attack against random targets by stabbing them 7 times in a row dealing medium damage with each strike. In his sword dance, he can make a surprise attack that deals medium DMG and increases Thane’s Critical Rating by 20% for 5 seconds. When Thane makes 4 Critical Strikes he targets the single enemy with a multi-stage attack that deals medium DMG with each strike and inflicts additional damage depending on the target’s Max Health. His Critical Chance is permanently increased by up to 17%.


He is agility based Assassin/Continuous Damager from the Hypogean Faction. Zolrath opens a time rift to regenerate his health while continuously losing his Energy. Once his Health is full or he lost all energy he appears from the rift to assassinate the weakest enemy on the battlefield delivering overwhelming DMG against that target. During the battle, he can go into the future summoning his future-self and dealing multiple attacks against the enemy in his path. At some time, his normal attack becomes stronger allowing him to cause 150% damage twice per attack. Zorlath can also turn back time in certain situations and game modes – when he is near death and all his allies are already dead he can go to past reverting the battle to its start and keeping increased DMG. This can occur only once during the battle. Go to the top to find Zolrath’s place in AFK arena tier list.


He is intelligence-based AoE/Debuffer from the Wilder Faction. Lorsan’s main ability is to summon Tempest amongst a concentrated group of enemies that gradually increase its power and once it reaches to maximum size it explodes causing devastating damage to all enemies. With his second ability, Lorsan can mark an unfortunate target allowing all allies to cause multiplied damage with their ultimate. This mark lasts until the end of the battle. He can also link the closest and furthest enemy in order to suffer incoming damage together. During the battle, Lorsan will occasionally apply Shield to 2 random allies reducing their damage received according to his own Attack Rating.


He is a strength-based Continuous Damager/Tank from the Mauler Faction. Warek uses his rage to unleash a salvo of consecutive strikes with his fists that knockback and interrupt the target. The damage output of each strike is small but the number of strikes guarantees that he will utterly destroy the unfortunate target when his rage is unleashed. During the battle, Warek targets the weakest enemies and throws them behind his back causing medium DMG and stunning them in the process. Also, he is capable of removing any negative effects on himself once every 5 seconds. Warek builds his rage with every successful hit increasing his damage by a few percents to up to 30% maximum.


He is a strength-based Tank/Buffer from the Graveborn Faction. Grezhul commands the dead in dealing with his enemies. He will raise a gravestone behind his enemies causing medium DMG and then the Skeleton will rise to fight alongside Grezhul gradually losing health as the time passes. Skeleton’s level is the same as Grezhul’s. While fighting against the opposite target Grezhul will try to steal its Defensive rating while causing medium damage at the same time. Grezhul can also apply o powerful Shield around the furthest forward ally that will absorb a large portion of incoming damage and it will explode causing heavy DMG if it is destroyed. While Grezhul is on the battlefield all allies receive significantly decreased damage against magic attacks.


She is an intelligence-based AoE/Buffer from the Lightbearer Faction. Belinda can utilize Holy Lights to strike multiple targets 4 times in the designated area causing medium damage. She can also fire a Divine Orb which explodes after touching the first available target causing medium damage to that target and nearby enemies. Belinda is capable of increasing her own Critical Rating as well as increasing the Attack Rating and Critical Rating of her allies.


He is a strength-based Tank/ Continuous Damager from the Lightbearer Faction. Rigby smokes a pipe and wears a barrel of TNT with himself which can be thrown on enemies and lighten with the pipe causing medium impact damage, devastating explosion DMG and minor DMG over time. Rigby is also an alcoholic who can throw his booze to enemies causing medium damage and reducing their Accuracy. As an alcoholic, he can enter “Drunken Frenzy” that decreases his DMG received, increases his Speed and can be stacked up to 3 times after which he becomes even more enraged (Rigby can indeed drink a lot). Unlike other alcoholics, Rigby benefits when his booze is worn off because when he is sober he can regenerate his health by 5% every second for 12 seconds.


He is a strength-based Tank/Controller from the Wilder Faction. Seirus uses a Trident and controls the see to cause damage against his opponents. He can send multiple Waves towards a group of enemies causing medium damage with each wave. He can also call an ocean to create pillars of water that will erupt beneath 2 closest enemies with destructive effects. The closer enemies are to Seirus the more damage they will receive from ocean pillars. Seirus’s trident is blessed with ocean power allowing him to strengthen 3 normal attacks that will become AoE attacks that inflict double damage. Seirus is almost immune to all attacks whose DMG does not exceed 7% of Seirus’ Health.


She is a strength-based Burst Damager/Buffer from the Lightbearer Faction. She enters a battle on the horse wearing lance that can send enemies into air greeting them with many added consecutive blows when they land on the ground. During the battle, she can charge into a group of enemies striking everything in her path and causing serious damage. Besides the lance, Estrilda also holds a Flag that significantly increases the attack rating of all allies. When she successfully stabs an enemy with her lance she starts taunting and distracting that enemy making that all her allies receive decreased damage from the taunted target.


He is the strength-based Tank/Controller from the Mauler Faction. Skreg uses his iron-jaw steed to ride throughout the entire battlefield dealing increased damage and knocking down unfortunate targets until he runs out of Energy. During the battle, Skreg’s steed can smash enemies into the air after which Skreg will initiate a combo attack that deals medium DMG with each hit. Skreg’s damage received is decreased if the enemies are close to him. The closer they are the less damage he receives. Iron-jaw is active during the entire battle and it will attack the closest enemy to Skreg every 8 seconds by charging into them dealing medium damage and knocking them back.


He is a strength-based Tank/Controller from the Wilder Faction. He has a mighty roar that causes medium damage against all enemies and taunts nearby opponents into attacking him with normal attacks for a brief period of time. During that time Gorvo reflects half of the damage received. He can also jump into the air creating a powerful impact when he lands down and stunning enemies. Every 8 seconds he charges his War Hamer to grant him a Critical AoE strike that will stun all affected targets. When he enters a battle and after using ultimate Gorvo creates a Shield around himself that will absorb half of the incoming damage for 6 seconds.


She is an agility based Buffer/Continuous Damager from the Lightbearer Faction. Her main ability is to place Bounty on her enemies increasing the DMG they will receive from all sources. If the target is killed while it has a bounty on itself energy will be replenished to Raine or an ally who killed the target. Raine uses twin pistols that can fire a barrage of bullets causing minor damage with each bullet. When Raine targets an enemy whose Health is lower than 50% her Speed is significantly increased and she will focus on that target until it is killed. Raine’s damage output increases as the health of enemies drop and it can be increased to up to 20%.


He is a strength-based Tank/Continuous Damager from the Graveborn Faction. Isold is a product of laboratory and he is able to use his powerful chemical agent to restore half of his health and increase his Attack Rating and Speed. As long as his health is above 30% he will use his Noxious Gas ability to continuously damage all enemies around him. While releasing Gas all enemies will receive damage equal to the portion of Izold’s Max Health per second but Izlod will lose health too. During the battle, Isold can charge towards the single enemy to stab him with his needle causing devastating damage. When needed he can also inject himself to restore a portion of his lost health every second for 8 seconds.


He is an agility based Continuous Damager /Controller from the Mauler Faction. Tidus is a werewolf who can enter into the whirlwind that engulfs the battlefield causing heavy damage against all targets he passes and inflicting extra damage against the weakest enemy. He uses 2 sharp combat knives that can perform vicious multiple attacks causing minor damage with each strike and makes enemy bleeding. Like all werewolves, Tidus has a ferocious Howl that terrifies anyone near him and increases his Speed and Attack Rating. When some enemy’s Health drops below 50% Tidus immediately focuses on that enemy and does not stop until he kills it. During this time Tidus’ normal attacks are significantly stronger.


He is a strength-based Tank/Burst Damager from the Graveborn Faction. Thoran wields a huge blade but he needs to spend time focusing before unleashing powerful blow against all enemies in front of him. While he focuses, the damage he receives is decreased and accumulated to be retaliated as bonus damage for his mighty blow. When Thoran swings his blade he cleaves throughout all enemies in front of him causing that they fall to the ground. Once per battle Thoran can resurrect himself after dying with 60% Health. Also when the battle starts, Thoran picks the weakest enemy and throws a curse on them causing that they suffer a huge portion of Thoran’s damage received.


He is agility based AoE/Continuous Damager from the Mauler Faction. This swift rat can move through the entire battlefield firing bolts from his crossbow to all existing enemies and dealing medium damage with each strike. When he fires a Piercing Bolt, it will strike everything in its path causing heavy damage that is gradually decreased with every subsequent target hit. Like all rats, Vurk also uses poison in dealing with enemies. Actually, he throws vials of poison that deal medium damage over time but if the target’s cumulative damage received reaches a certain point that target explodes harming all other enemies nearby. During the battle as Vurk moves and changes positions and he becomes invisible and untargetable until he attacks. When he reappears his Critical Rating and his Speed are significantly increased.


Skriath is an Intelligence-based AoE/Mage from the Mauler Faction. He summons a Sand Vortex that appears in the center of the enemy formation and lasts for 5 seconds pulling all enemies towards the center and causing medium damage every second. He can all call large rocks to fall from the sky causing heavy AoE damage to the primary target and all nearby enemies. During the battle, Skriath creates a Sand Storm that lasts 12 seconds and reduces Accuracy and Speed of all opponents caught in it. His passive ability enables him to increases Critical Rating by 0.5 for all allies every second to up to a maximum of 20 points of increased Critical Chance. Skriath is a new Hero and his value in late-game remain to be seen, but according to his skill descriptions he belongs in Tier 2 at least.


He is an intelligence-based Regenerator/Controller from the Mauler Faction. Numisu is a witch doctor who uses totems and shockwaves in dealing with enemies. He can create explosive Shock Wave that causes huge damage against all enemies and reactivates any totem on the battlefield. Numisu can summon Rejuvenating and Offensive totem. Rejuvenating totem initially heals a large portion of nearby ally’s health depending on their total Attack Rating and after that, it heals 3% of their health by second. Offensive Totem can be set behind enemies and deals medium damage to surrounding enemies. Totems can be destroyed but it possesses Numisu’s total Health Value multiplied several times. Numisu’s presence on the battlefield significantly increases Speed of the ally with the highest Attack Rating.

We hope that you found our AFK Arena Tier List accurate and helpful. IF you have any suggestions regarding AFK Arena Tier List please share your thoughts with us in order to help us make the best possible list. Thank in advance!