Age of Magic tips and tricks

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Age of Magic is Playkot’s new turn-based RPG, which calls you to join “the epic war of true Mages”, recruit various heroes from different races and classes and fulfill the prophecy from the game description. The prophecy says that one of the true mages will rule the universe by entering the Dark Tower. You will do that by progressing through the stages of the campaign and unlocking other game modes as you level up. One of those modes is Arena, in which you will play against live players and their own parties of heroes.

With every new title, there are a lot of things to learn, and this game isn’t an exception. The gameplay of Age of Magic is quite simple but there are various tiny little details when it comes to unlocking heroes, upgrading them and battling against your opponents. The purpose of this guide is to provide you with the strategy tips that will help you at the beginning of the game, so if you are between level 1 and 10, this article will help you advance quickly.

Special skills for special occasions

When it comes to any campaign battle, this is the most important thing to remember. Each hero you have in your ranks has two special skills and more basic skills. While you can use your special skills early, using them a second time requires you to choose the right timing. If you’re controlling a tank character, you will use a repel based skill if someone on your team is on low hit points. Damage dealing abilities should be saved for the later stages of the battle, and so on. It’s advisable to wait for the perfect moment when you can utilize your skill to the max.

Age of Magic Addictive Gameplay

One at a time

It’s the old rule in this type of games, even the enemy at the end of their lifespan can deal full damage, that’s why you have to exploit your strength in numbers and target one enemy at a time. Preferably, the ones that deal the most damage or have healing powers that could put their teammates out of a bind. The playing experience is crucial here because you cannot find that in the manual. But if you face a certain enemy enough times, you will learn a lot about them.

Equip and train

The castle-like building near the upper right corner of your screen is the heroes menu, and it’s the place where you do everything hero related. There you can level up a Hero with potions, or equip them with items which are dropped during the campaign. Progressively, it will take more potions to level up your Heroes as they continue to increase in level. For that, you will need silver, which is the game’s common currency. The items that drop are all hero specific, and the game will inform you if Hero has new items that can improve their stats. Considering that difficulty rises pretty sharp, you need to keep your Heroes up to a challenge at all times.

Age of Magic Playing in a Clan

A quest per day keeps grinding away

Age of Magic is pretty light in the quest department, but they still offer a list of daily quests that are refreshed each day. Those quests allow you to earn more currency for competition, as well as other rewards. If you’re just starting out with the game, these quests could point you in the right direction. So there are multiple reasons to keep questing during the gameplay. Hopefully, the game makers will make more quest available in the future updates.


The quickest way to obtain gold and rubies to buy hero shards at the shop is to head to the Arena, which is available when you reach level 5. Arena battles throw your team Heroes against other human players. The battle takes place over a span of 5 minutes, which means that you do not have the time to contemplate your strategy. You won’t be exactly rushed to make your move, but a time limit will hasten your action. The battle ends when an entire party has been vanquished, and the victor gets the spoils and moves up in the rankings. When picking the opponents in the Arena is generally advisable to go for the ones with a lower Squad Power than yours. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can also pick those with similar or better Squad Power. Considering you can see each opposing hero’s level, it should help you to decide which hero to focus your attacks on.

Age of Magic Guide


Age of Magic has some nuances that distinguish that game from similar genre represents. There are some systems and features which you need to know well in order to advance. From the unit management, over the resource gathering to the battle system, you will have to gain skills and experience if you want to emerge victorious in the great Mage war.