Google Play Discounts

Alien: Blackout and Many Other Titles on Sale on Google Play

The trees may get greener and the parks are full of blossoms, but spring is more than nature waking up. This is the season of a new wave of sales and discounts, but not only for shoes and clothes. Currently, you can get some interesting titles on Google Play for considerable discount including some big hits like Alien: Blackout and Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition.

The mobile spinoff of the critically acclaimed Alien: Isolation, Alien: Blackout is an excellent way to remind yourself why Alien franchise raised the bar for survival horror. The game has seven levels and it’s quite an adrenalin booster since there is a Xenomorph on the station with whom you play the game of cat and mouse. When it comes to Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition, it’s the familiar 60-hour+ gameplay with some extras like Tales of the Sword Coast and Brothers Lost, as well as numerous improvements of the original game.

Other titles on sale include Rush Rally 2, a racing game with various terrains and weather conditions to try out your skills. Those who love real-time space strategies will be happy to know that Battlevoid: Sector Siege is also on sale. Rebuild 3: Gangs of Deadsville will be on limited time sale, so you better hurry to get this title if you want to play strategy sim game which sees players restoring civilization after zombie apocalypse destroyed the world.

Of course, there are more simple but equally entertaining games on sale, like Hangman Premium and Fun Chess Puzzles Pro. Since there is something for everyone, fans of JRPG will be able to buy Mystic Guardian VIP: Old School Action RPG at a discount, a game that has been five years in the making with developers dedicated to bringing back the true feeling of ‘90s RPG. There is also a FPS on the list, Z.O.N.A Shadow of Lemansk, a survival horror set in the post-apocalyptic world.

But besides games, you can find some useful apps on sale like WiFi Router Manager – Who is on My WiFi, Blue Light Filter & Night Mode – Night Shift Pro and My Device Pro. Also, you can improve your knowledge of the English language with English Test / English Tests also on discount, as well as make some cartoons with an animation app Draw Cartoons 2 PRO. Some apps you can even get for free like Learn Python Programming Pro, Deep Translator Pro, and Manual Camera: DSLR Camera Professional (Procam).

Since Google didn’t specify until when this sale will last, you should see what else is available and get the desired titles. After all, you’ll be getting some great apps and games for a bargain. And even for free.