Alien Blackout Upcoming Game For Mobile

Alien: Blackout will be a mobile game

The games made after the Alien movie franchise have always been of mixed quality, with some occasional gems shining through the obscurity. One of those games is Alien: Isolation which perfectly translated the feeling of dread and fear in claustrophobic space corridors to the video game language. Consequently, when Alien: Blackout was announced, it made a lot of heads turn at the notice of possible sequel of Alien: Isolation. However, the cheers were replaced with anger once people realized that the next Alien game will be for mobile. Apparently, the memories of “Do you guys not have phones?” moment from Blizzcon were still fresh.  

The gamers’ rage aside, Alien: Blackout will be developed by D3Go!, a studio which is known for making Puzzle Quest games, and it will give you the possibility to manage meager resources on board of a Weyland-Yutani ship and save survivors by getting the hell away from the titular monster. It seems that the game will be a premium one. The reason for that is because the game has 7 levels in total, meaning you will probably have to dish out some real-live cash in order to try everything this game has to offer.

Alien Blackout New Mobile Game

Another important question is how exactly the game is going to play out. According to the info from the game’s website, the gameplay will be the combination of Five Nights at Freddy’s and the strategy game. The players will make use of security cameras and holographic maps to move the people around.

Among the promo material, we could see a certain screenshot, in which someone holding the radar from Alien: Isolation is hiding from a Xenomorph. This might suggest that this game will have stealth elements too. It is still early to predict that, though. What we know for sure is that there are a lot of gamers who will not take this transition to mobile very lightly, although they won’t have any reason for that, because the game itself will be a premium game, and you won’t be showered by in-app purchases and commercials on every step.

Alien Blackout Try To Survive

The latest news is that preorders for Alien: Blackout are now live on both App Store and Google Play. The game itself is set to launch on January 24th and it will cost $4.99 on iOS, and we can expect the similar price range for the Android too. We will inform you about the development of these games as soon as we get our hands on more info. If everything goes well, it might be one of the bigger mobile games of the current year.