Devil May Cry 5

All New Devil May Cry Coming in Spring 2019

One of the best news from the gaming industry this year probably is the announcement about the newest Devil May Cry installment at Microsoft’s E3 2018 conference.

As you could see in the trailer Nero and Dante are back and looking better than ever. It’s been 10 years since the Devil May Cry 4 and the fans already started to worry if there will ever be any more sequels. The story seems to continue from where we were left off in the fourth game.

What we know from the trailer is that Nero (sporting a short haircut now) is badass as always with his sword-wielding moves and cool mechanical arm made by Nico, his sidekick. She’s looking cool as well with a sassy attitude and engineering knowledge to build weapons and other techs. On the other hand, Dante looks older or only scrubbier with the beard he grew and driving a mean bike that looks like the Devil himself made it. The smirk on his face at the end of the trailer seems to promise a lot of action and we suspected as much since the series’ director Hideaki Itsuno is back.

What we believe so far

The most noticeable thing in the trailer is Nero’s robotic arm. The fans may remember that Nero had a demonic hand in Devil May Cry 4 called the Devil Bringer. It gave him supernatural strength and was one of the main issues Nero had to deal with in the game. In the trailer, at 2 minutes and 13 seconds point of it to be precise, we see a mysterious figure that cuts Nero’s Devil Bringer off.

A few seconds before that, Nico is holding the robotic arm and saying “Cash first!” meaning that it was maybe a moment when she also joined his demon-kicking team. We will probably find out more about that mysterious figure and what they needed Nero’s hand for, but it’s for nothing good that’s for sure. Maybe they used it to bring forth the demons we saw Nero fighting in the trailer!?

And when it comes to demons, one certainly stands out and causes us to speculate all sorts of things. The most sound assumption is that it could be resurrected Mundus from the Devil May Cry 1 who promised to Dante that he’ll be back. We also see a giant demonic structure towering over the city and people being pierced by pointy tentacles. This may collect humans to be the source of power for the red demon or simply there to cause mayhem. Just pay attention to the demon’s right arm which is in focus in one scene, since it may have something to do with the Devil Bringer.

Devil May Cry

And lastly, we see Dante riding his bike through a deserted or evacuated city. This can mean that he will show up later in the game when demons already caused significant damage. Or, he is traveling through a completely different plane of existence, like Hell. One thing is certain, he looks cool and a bit older, which is somewhat unexpected since he is the son of Sparda and thus a half-demon after all. One would believe that besides the superhuman abilities he also doesn’t age. But,

Itsuno said in an interview that Devil May Cry 5 continues directly to the previous game. He also stated that the neon sign Devil May Cry on Nero’s van was a gift from Dante, something that was shown in the novelization and not in the game. He also said that this is the game they wanted to make for 10 years and finally they get to do it.

What is interesting in all this, is that Devil May Cry’s developer Capcom decided to skip the DmC: Devil May Cry title developed by Ninja Theory in 2013 and go for a direct sequel to the fourth installment. However, since this was a reboot of the series requested by Capcom, it’s quite logical that this storyline is skipped since it was basically already told in 2001 when the first game was released.

Itsuno and Capcom producer Matt Walker both stated that they believe Ninja Theory’s game is important for the franchise and they are making Devil May Cry 5 for the “fans asking for a sequel to the storyline of DMC4 for over ten years.”

Devil May Cry 5 is planned to be released in spring 2019 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. And until then, we’ll find out more about the storyline and villain through additional footage, trailers, and interviews with the developers. If you have your own theories about the upcoming game, we’d love to hear them so feel free to comment below the article.