AxE Alliance vs Empire Update

AxE: Alliance vs Empire drops a new update

Recently released MMORPG AxE: Alliance vs Empire just got a huge update, bringing a lot of new and exciting things to the table. In this update, pets will be made available for players. These will grant various stat-boosts, which will allow for further customization and character improvement. There are a lot of different pets players can collect and they range from cute and cuddly cats and dogs to fierce and powerful dragons. It’s also worth mentioning that all the players will receive one free pet upon logging in, and they can obtain additional ones via certain in-game events or by purchasing them with a premium currency in the store.

Other than this, there is also a new, open-world area available in the game – Valley of Corruption. Players can explore this exciting location and face a lot of new monsters and challenges.  

This update also brings another exciting feature – increased level cap. Players will now be able to raise their level up to 100, which is nice news for all the max level players.

Also, in order to make life easier for newcomers, the game is also introducing a brand new server. This will make things way more interesting for all the new players since they’ll be able to compete with others of a similar level.

There is also a new stylish Noble set coming with this update. Players will be able to collect it and make their heroes look fabulous!

Overall, this update brings a lot of new features and it is nice to see that the developers are doing their best to improve their game and make it even more enjoyable for players all around the world.