PokemonGO update coming soon

Another major update is coming to Pokémon Go very soon

Pokémon Go is getting a new update titled Buddy Adventures. It is an upcoming update that is scheduled to arrive before 2019 runs out. Announced by Niantic, it is aimed at making our chosen and favorite character feel as close to us as Ash and a certain well-known Pikachu are. Friendships will be getting expanded and we can now level up further with our buddy, which will unlock new seriously cool perks and boosts, like the CP combat boost! New behavior for our buddy is also being implemented, as the entire experience is taking up in this AR game.

Pokémon Go created quite a stir worldwide when the game came out in 2016. It was and still remains one of the pioneering AR mobile games, and it still holds up today for sure. It was developed and published by Niantic, which is an American company from San Francisco. They are the same guys behind Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, the recent HP Augmented Reality game which also took off like crazy.

They took the entire Augmented Reality concept and fitted it to mobile gaming quite well, blending it with the worlds of Pokémon or Harry Potter exactly the way the fans wanted it. In Pokémon Go, you go around collecting Pokémon and you cultivate the ones you want for various in-game purposes. Now, regarding this, this update now will expand and bring new content, and refresh the game a lot.

As mentioned, the update will expand the current level cap so you can level up further and also level up the friendship with a certain buddy of your choice to gain very useful perks, like the CP combat boost we mentioned. Your buddy can now also walk alongside you, or fly, roll, and do any sorts of fun stuff, like the trailer shows. The buddy friendship is leveled up by earning affection. This is gained with feeding, petting, battles, and other stuff you do with your buddy…even just walking.


Buddy levels:

  • Good Buddy – our buddy will be able to join us and appear on the map and on the all-new Buddy Profile page
  • Great Buddy – Our buddy also has the ability to carry items and participate in encounters with other Pokémon
  • Ultra Buddy – Our buddy can detect ‘interesting places’ on the map and find Souvenirs to bring us, which are new items also to be added for the Buddy Profile
  • Best Buddy – Our buddy will have the Best Buddy Ribbon and will get the CP combat boost as long as it is assigned as our buddy

The Pokémon Go Buddy Adventure update release date is still not pinpointed exactly, but it’s expected to come very soon. Niantic promises it will arrive soon “by 2020”. It certainly looks like it is no small undertaking, as the developer was recently also busy with the special events in Harry Potter Wizards Unite, which turned out great. Now, they seem to be switching the attention back to their first baby and we expect greatness again!