Death Stranding

Another trailer for Death Stranding is here

Death Stranding Briefing trailer just dropped, with over 7 minutes of the upcoming game’s main characters talking about the main plot, and we still don’t know anything about the game really. All jokes aside, we are given a first-class look at the relationship between the characters, particularly Norman Reedus’ Sam Porter Bridges and the Character of Amelie, voiced by Emily O’Brien. As the two are joined by Die-Hardman, voiced by Tommie Earl Jenkins, they discuss some background to the game’s initial plot and explain a little bit about the Bridges organization and the phenomenon of the ‘Strands’.

Warning SPOILERS AHEAD about the things we do know, which isn’t much…

It’s best to start at what we know so far, which is that the people in this desolate world portrayed in the game are living in isolation and are building ‘Walls’. The main goal for the players is reconnecting isolated cities and curing the fragmented society, as we are told. However, the game’s obscure story is so tightly intertwined with the gameplay that it is hard to say when the cinematic trailer ends and the gameplay begins. In fact, the elements of the gameplay and story are hardly ever two different things here.

On his journey to reconnect, we now realize that Sam’s story is not in any way simple and that his involvement in this reconnecting project is not just professional, but emotional as well. Like the fragmented society, Sam is also separated from his loved ones… That much we already knew. But, why does he reject getting involved with the organization now? The trailer implies that he was once a part of their effort, and so was Amelie, and that the two may not have been separated by dire circumstances, but perhaps the real reason was something Amelie did that Sam did not want to be a part of…

Death Stranding

Amelie talks about keeping a unit, from the Bridges corporation no doubt, safe on their mission to supposedly do the same thing as Sam. However, she is captured but is allowed to communicate with her friends and associates. We still don’t know in what way is she doing that by the way. Is she a ghost, an apparition, or is it just a holographic telecommunication device?

They also talk about “Cupids” as the means to reconnect the people of ‘our great nation’, meaning the USA no doubt… Die-Hard man also says that ‘this was Bridget’s dying wish’ when presenting Sam with a keychain containing all the protocols for security operations for terminals Sam needs to integrate into the web… Now, we know Bridget is voiced by Lindsay Wagner, and that her character is only seen in flashbacks from the past, while she has had a very important role in the whole organization and lots of other things, but we don’t know to what extent.

Death Stranding

Sam is then tasked with getting to Edgenot city and finding Emily, after he reconnects the people, but…quite unexpectedly, he declines and even walks past Amelie, who seems to try and convince him by playing on the emotional card. There’s a lot more going on in this game than a simple hero’s journey of saving the world from its current predicament and getting the girl, but there is only one way to find that out.

Hideo Kojima, the director, writer, and producer on the project, said it himself:

“Through your experience playing the game, I hope you’ll come to understand the true importance of forging connections with others.”