Death Stranding

Another trailer just dropped for Death Stranding

As Death Stranding release date approaches, we are getting more and more acquainted with the story and its actors. Still, it is barely now starting to make sense and we are still baffled by the weird and unique world presented to us by Kojima Productions and written by the legendary Mr. Hideo Kojima, the creator of Metal Gear series. Not full 24 hours ago, Sony Interactive Entertainment, the game’s publisher, dropped another trailer, this time a drop TV commercial, and it revealed just a little bit more about the background of the story, so check it out:

It was Mr. Hideo that signed the official synopsis for the game, which is available for the public, and as a reminder, he has created a world in which people live in isolation, behind ‘walls’. The goal for the main protagonist Sam Porter Bridges, played by Norman Reedus, is to reconnect these isolated cities, which makes this upcoming game already a unique action experience. And, it is action as the trailers have shown, but weird action. The story and the gameplay are then tightly bound, as Mr. Hideo further explains, as the overarching theme of the game is “Strand” or connection.

The player will need to bridge the societies divided factions, while the trailer presented now shows a little bit about the background, about how it all came to be that way. Sam Porter Bridges says it himself – “It ain’t as simple as it seems”. In fact, he says it as we see people chasing him, the same people who, as he says, have “torn us apart”. This group is known as the “Homo Demons”. This is naturally connected to the mysterious explosions that have happened in the near past and affected the planet, as we see in every shot of the game given to us so far.

However, the apocalyptic scale event chain is further deepened by the manifestation of terrifying supernatural events, where ghostly apparitions called “Beached Things” roam the land and are clearly hostile towards life. As a result, the society exists no longer and people live in closed-off sections and isolation, completely cut off from the other world. This is where Homo Demons come to play, as they are a group of military separatists who have the control of Edge Knit City. They are the ones chasing Sam in the trailers and, as he indicates it, are perhaps responsible for the explosions or some of the things that have caused the society to come to what it is now.

Death Stranding release date is set for November 8, 2019, and the game is available for pre-order for some time now. It will come exclusively to PS4, and besides Norman Reedus, the cast also includes Mads Mikkelsen, Guillermo del Toro, and several other famous actors and people who work behind the camera. Naturally, besides these global events, the game also features quite a personal story for our character Sam, which is also thus far only teased…