Star Wars The Rise of Skywalker new Trailer

Another trailer just dropped for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker trailer 4 dropped not full 24 hours ago, as we are very close to the movie’s release. Star Wars Episode 9 release date is set for December 20, 2019, and it is the final film of the trilogy, and the ninth movie of the whole saga. The trailers foreshadow several important things so far, like the return of Darth Sidious, while this fourth one adds just a little bit more footage, but again doesn’t answer some of our biggest questions.

In less than a month, twenty-one days to be precise, Episode 9 hits theatres globally and we will finally get the answers to all the big questions. Who is Rey really? Is Darth Sidious alive? Has he been plotting his return all this time? Will Luke Skywalker influence the events from beyond the grave? Who do they mean when they say “the Rise of Skywalker”? The last Skywalkers alive in the show are Kylo and his mother, Leia. Are there more Skywalkers? Is Rey a Skywalker?

You get the picture…

Rey being the offspring of Skywalker was theorized after the first movie of this last trilogy, The Force Awakens. However, it was debunked after Kylo Ren told Rey that ‘her parents sold her for drinking money’ and that she was nothing. Furthermore, she met Luke in Episode 8, who did not know her or of her at all. A theory can be easily crafted to account for all this and still place Rey in the Skywalker family.

Episode 8 Luke Sywalker

However, it is perhaps better to turn to Skywalkers we know are alive and accounted for, and those are Leia and Kylo. Although actress Carrie Fisher unfortunately passed away in 2016, her character continued appearing and will appear in the final episode of the Saga. What role she plays is, however, beyond speculation, while Rey and Kylo Ren are seen in a couple of shots seemingly not hostile to one another. However, they do duel again on what is supposedly Kamino or another similar water planet.

And, the theory about Darth Sidious returning with the full might of the Empire has sprung from several shots in trailers 3 and 4. Emperor Palpatine is seen seemingly sitting on a throne, back turned to the camera. Later on, we see what is an Imperial Frigate or Cruiser emerging from below a layer of ice. Everyone took these signals as a sign of the empire really coming back, with their original emperor at the helm. The first order did rise from the empire, but they have become a faction of their own, while we learned in Star Wars Universe TV show The Mandalorian, that after the destruction of the second Death Star and Sidious’ death, some remnants of the Empire did survive.

Darth Sidious

Also, the Mandalorian gives away one more possibly important clue, and that is baby Yoda. It is not really thought to be baby Yoda, just called that way for being the same race as the former head of the Jedi Council. Baby Yoda is kidnapped in Episode 3 of The Mandalorian to be siphoned of its ‘essence’ which serves to somebody the highest-ranked Imperial member seen so far on the show calls ‘the master’.

The imperial fleet is seen in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker trailer 4 waging war against the Rebels, Poe and others. The SW Episode 9 trailer is, however, only 30 seconds long, with 25 seconds of actual footage, so not much is shown which can help us make well-argumented conclusions. However, the key we think lies in the extended universe content and in The Mandalorian TV show.