AntHolic Review


If you need some time killing, killing virtual ants in AntHolic mobile game should do the trick. AntHolic is a hyper-casual game, made and designed to do just that, with a simple tap of your finger. Burning or collecting ants in a jar used to be children’s favorite pastime, back in the ‘80s and the ‘90s perhaps, but now we do not need to be so cruel. VisualShower, the developer of AntHolic, has recognized the need for such activities even earlier and has brought us multiple similar casual games for just such things.

AntHolic mobile game is perfect for your leisure time because it is easy fun and it lets you link your account with other VisualShower games and players. By creating this kind of a community, the developers have given their players the possibility of creating an online community and valuing their time invested in playing their games more.

VisualShower Corp. is based in South Korea, and they are known for such hits as Bluestone 1 & 2, Beyond the Bounds, White Island series, and others. Actually, AntHolic is an overhaul of a previous version they made which reached over 1 million downloads. Now, the developer decided to up their game and bring the community aspect into it.

All the mentioned titles are available globally for Android and iOS. On Google Play, AntHolic Android mobile game is free-to-play and it has an overly positive 4.8-star score so far, but from a small vote sample. On the App Store, AntHolic iOS is still too young to tell, but VisualShower has a solid presence on the iTunes App Store.

Gameplay – The Problem is the ants!

In AntHolic mobile game the goal is to catch ants with your hands i.e. fingers. The player needs to tap away at the ants and crush them as much as possible. However, the game is not that simple, as some ants will have numbers above them which mark a crushing combo sequence, which is performed yields bonus points. Some are faster and their movements are erratic and unexpected. Scoring combo kills is important if you plan on climbing high on the ranking list, as you can constantly compete against your older scores, with your friends, or against the entire world in a world ranking system.

Additionally, killing ants and scoring quicker combos, or simply getting faster at killing and tapping, is crucial for good scores. So, after a short period of time, this game becomes a clicking extravaganza with fast-paced action. It promotes higher reflexes and hand-eye coordination with the players. However, it always remains what it is in its basis, a simple and easy to pick up fun game.


AntHolic mobile game, by VisualShower, is a fun addition to both Google Play and iTunes App stores as it targets a wide audience, is easy to pick up, fun to master, and offers endless fun in fact. The game doesn’t rely on levels and content, rather on increasing your own skill and getting better at playing it. The online community aspect really raises the game to a new level. Highly recommended to try!

7.7 Good
  • Atmosphere 8
  • Graphics 7
  • Gameplay 8
  • User Ratings (30 Votes) 8.9