AoV Amily guide released


Hey guys. The weekend is in full swing, and there is no better way to spend it than on Arena of Valor, practicing one of the more recent champions. This time we focused on Amily, a lovely melee warrior-assassin girl.
Now, I have to say, this was never the type of hero I favored or enjoyed, lacking reliable disengage and with the best build being somewhat a combination of offense and defense. There was always desire to go one way or the other, but not with Amily. There is something enjoyable how everything fits together for her, especially the combination of 4 hybrid items. Whichever path you take (creating more offense or defense oriented build), Amily is such a versatile hero you will be able to adopt her to most roles.
However, top lane and jungle seem to be both valid with jungle being slightly ahead.
Have to say, at times playing Amily can make you feel like it is easy to engage two enemy champions at once, but again this only depends on the type of champion they are. More on this will be explained in the guide we have provided for you and can be found in HERE.
Also, just to let you know we are updating all of the champions already covered on our pages and in future, we aim to release guides for new champion within few days and to update it as time goes on.
This is it from us for today, have a great weekend and some nice wins along the way.