D’Arcy release and AoV Tier List update

Welcome to the AoV Tier List updated (March of 2019) with the latest champion, D’Arcy, a control mage dabbling with Dimensional Force.

Arena of Valor tier list – D’Arcy update

One of the few Arena of Valor mages more potent in the jungle than in mid-lane. The reason behind this is exceedingly strong jungle clear speed and gank potency. While in mid-lane, D’Arcy waste lots of Dimensional Energy due to not having a target in range to remain in combat. This is not the case in the jungle, especially if the route for clearing is well planned.

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There is no general consensus on the origin of D’Arcy’s power. Whereas some claim his scaling is too strong, I can agree, but only to an extent. Now, the reasons are numerous for having him in the Legendary Tier. The already mentioned scaling is one. Second, while it is true he exhibits some weaknesses, D’Arcy does not need his team to cover for him, which makes him fairly independent from other roles (the only exception here is taking down Abyssal Dragon, for which he does need some help, but again, Dragon is an objective for the whole team). Further, the ways in which ultimate can be used is only limited by our imagination (thou requires fast thinking). And finally, the potential for creative plays in both solo and team fighting situations. Again, the imagination and creativity of the player is the biggest limiting factor here.

Overall, D’Arcy is bound to be one of the most influential Arena of Valor heroes, placing him at the top of our AoV Tier List. All comments and suggestions are welcomed in our Discus section.