AoV Patch Notes July 2019

AoV Patch Notes, July 2019

Patch notes for July 16th of 2019 are out and we have some major changes coming our way. It seems like Tencent and Timi-J6 studio decided it is time to refresh some things In Arena of Valor and we certainly welcome it.

Without too much distraction, let’s dive into the most significant changes.

The first and the most important change is the introduction of Enchantments, which is a system somewhat similar to the one already present in League of Legends. It further provides the ability to customize your hero and its playstyle.
– Over the next few weeks, our team here at Bluemoongame will go over every Arena of Valor Hero guide already available and implement recommendations for these Enhancements.

Few battlefield changes, particularly in the jungle. Additional resource monster, a slight change in the positioning of the brush beneath red buff, and layout around the Blue buff.
– These should reduce the effectiveness of lvl 1 jungle invades as they were too potent and could swing the game score way too soon.

Arcana system has been updated. All arcanas that provide the same bonus but the different level now have the same name. Furthermore, at level 7 all arcana slots will be open in addition to the introduction of arcana fragments, a resource with which we can upgrade those we want/need.
– A welcome quality of life improvement and it was about time something is being done about those useless lvl1 and lvl 2 arcanas.

New Season has started and some changes are made with new rank being added on top, rank Veteran.

Of course, these Arena of Valor Patch Notes are not immune to Hero balance tweaks so here are the most important ones:

arena-of-valor-champion-sephraaov nerfSephera received Skill 1 nerf, with increased mana cost, changed cooldown and movement speed reduction to gradually (scale with levels) get to the point it was in the previous version even on level 1.


arena-of-valor-champion-ignisaov buffIgnis. In some of the previous Arena of Valor Patch notes Fire Crash has been nerfed, but now this nerf is reverted and on top of that is added a buff to the cooldown of Rain of Fire. It seems like Ignis is getting back to the forefront.

arena-of-valor-champion-diaochanaov buffDiaochan received probably the most change and for the better, I might add. Her passive now adds a frost shield if no damage was taken in past 7 seconds. This shield protects her the next time she is about to receive damage from a hero, as well as giving temporary immunity to disabling effects.
Her old passive is now incorporated into her Skill 2
Skill 1: Chilling Frost effect from Skill 1 is removed, but the animation speed is increased (Total recoil time reduced)

arena of valor champion darcyaov buffD’Arcy is being rebalanced. His skill 1 damage reduction is now fixed at 30%, but in exchange, the damage of Skill 1 and the Ultimate is being buffed, while the AoE radius of Skill 2 is being increased.
– Overall this seems to be a huge buff to his damage while nerfing the safety.

arena-of-valor-champion-tulenaov nerfTulen received nerf to his passive which now deals only 75% damage to the non-hero units, as well as nerfs to the Charge Time of Lightning Strike (Skill 2).


arena-of-valor-champion-mgangaaov buffMganga finally received some buffs that came in the form of increased attack range as well as a range of Skill 1 (Toxic).
– This is a most welcome change as Mganga was favorite for so many players, and frankly, it is some much-needed love since this clown struggled for quite some time now.

AoV Caphenyaov nerfCapheny’s life steal is now just 2/3 of the other marksmen, which we suspect is going to have a huge impact on her survivability.


Tel’Annas speed up has moved to her Skill 2, and Skill 1 Slow Effect received nerf from 6% to 4% per tier.
– We are going to pay close attention to how much of an effect this is going to have on Tel’Annas in the upcoming weeks.

Violet received a buff to her Tactical Fire cooldown, from 5 sec to 4.5 sec.

arena-of-valor-champion-fenikaov buffFenik received some nice buffs, from base movement speed to attack speed lvl based growth as well as scaling on his passive. Also, a bug has been fixed where sometimes his base value of Skill 1 was not growing with level.
– Expect to see this one a lot more in the upcoming weeks.

aov champion hayate iconaov nerfHayate received some deserved nerfs. Shuriken Toss now deals less damage, Skill 2 and the ultimate cooldown ware also victims of a nerf-hammer.


arena-of-valor-champion-slimzaov buffSlimz cooldown of Flying Spear is now being reduced with level, while Savage Potion movement speed increase moved from 20% up to the 30%.


arena-of-valor-champion-taaraaov nerfTaara dominance might be over because her passive-sustain is again being nerfed.
– Honestly, I don’t know what is being done with this, it is going up and down from patch to patch. Yes, the previous version was slightly bit too strong, but my guess that this nerf is running Taara to the ground. And not like she was especially hard to deal with, just needed someone to buy Curse of Death or Tome of the Reaper. Besides, further in Arena of Valor Patch Notes, we can see Leviathan and Mantle of Ra are not stacking anymore, which is additional Taara nerf.

Arum got a slight reduction in base spell damage/healing due to how well this hero works with Visceral Boots.

Maloch gained a significant buff to the cooldowns of Skill 1 and 2 that is reduced even more when the ultimate hit the hero.

arena of valor character florentinoaov nerfFlorentino’s ultimate damage reduction is reduced from 50% to 30%.


Lu Bu
is now covering longer distance with skill 1 for a shorter time… a nice buff to his playstyle.

arena-of-valor-champion-airiaov buffAiri skill 1 base damage, scaling, and cooldown, all got buffed. In addition to this, skill 2 cooldown is being reduced.

– Looks like the ninja is back.

arena of valor veres championaov buffVeres skill 1 base damage and scaling had some nice improvements. The duration of Enrage from her ultimate is being changed from 4s (10 if the hero is killed) to 6s when the hero is hit, plus 2s per additional hero.


arena-of-valor-champion-wukongaov nerfWukong passive changed from 15% crit to 12% crit.
It seems like the early Wukong game just received a huge hit. It remains to be seen how is this going affect the sensitive balance of this hard-snow-ball hero.

Here are some item changes:

AoV itemaov nerfBow of Slaughter is now 30 gold cheaper, but have 5% crit less, a decent nerf.

Seems like a big nerf for just 30 gold reduction in price.

AoV itemLeviathan and Mantle of Ra AoE effects do not stack.
– This is a big one especially for heroes like Taara that relied on these two items to compensate for her lack of damage.


AoV item jungleLoki’s Curse and Apocalypse Curse effect do not stack.

Seems like a big hit for the ones like Zill or Raz.

The conclusion

Obviously, these changes are huge, the game shifted completely, especially thanks to the Enhancements. We are going to pay close attention to the effects of these changes and modify our Hero guides and Tier List in the near future.

These were the Arena of Valor Patch Notes for July 2019. Stay tuned with all things mobile gaming by following Bluemoongame.