AoV Riktor guide (tips & tricks) released


After Elsu was released and after the impact he brought to the metagame, things started to settle down just in time for the release of a new champion. Riktor, an old soldier and retired demon hunter is the latest addition in Arena of Valor champion roster.
He is melee warrior/assassin hero reliant on the ability to ignore attacks and abilities in a short time span of 0.75 seconds. This ability can stack up 2 charges and used in a succession but with 3 seconds apart. The second major part of Riktor’s toolkit is his passive, acting as a sort of stance/buff that changes depending on the surface he is standing on. His ultimate is also one of defining features but at this stage, it’s uncertain if it is a good one. The fact it provides true damage is great, however, requiring to stay close to a target for more than 2.5 seconds is extremely risky.
It remains to be seen what kind of miracle plays can pro players do on Riktor, but for more community-based knowledge and experience, please check tips and tricks HERE in Riktor’s guide at Bluemoongame.
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