AoV Roxie – guide release


While we are waiting for Elsu, the new addition to the Arena of Valor champion list, and tremble in anticipation, there seem to be two champions yet to be covered with our guides, Roxie and Y’bneth. So, the first in line to be explored is Roxie, the Adventurer, yet another Moren’s protege.
Roxie is Ability power, magic damage warrior tank with a relatively unique way of participating in combat. Although her skillset is not made for dishing out direct damage, it is still very well made and synergizes well between skills. For example, Roxie’s passive places mark and restores mana while also provides additional AP based on max HP, 1st skill spends a lot of mana but also heal her based on max HP percentage and 2nd skill is shield also based on max HP percentage. Furthermore, not only the scaling is all tied up nicely, but the playstyle is coherent and feels rewarding (sometimes with exception of the inability to land normal attacks while running away, while you need to mark| the enemy).
Overall it is a fun champion to play with, and if you like to annoy the enemy team and being a nuisance in general, then this is the champ for you. You can feel the river of tears from those that chase you and inability to deal with you.
If you would like to know more about Roxie and find a bunch of tips and tricks, then visit our AoV Roxie guide here at Bluemoongame. Hope you find it useful, and if so, spread the word about us, it will be appreciated :).