Arena of Valor, AoV Tier List

AoV Tier List, Hayate update

The Arena of Valor patch from the March of 2019 brought us some changes so it is time to update AoV tier list.
Few particular changes are very important and will bring a significant shift in meta-game for this season.

For the effects of these changes read more beneath this Arena of Valor (AoV) Tier List so that you can understand why some of the changes were made.

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AoV Tier List Hayate update



  • A nerf of Florentino’s true damage scaling and Riktor’s ability to harass out of the brush made a huge blow to the DS lane assassin-dominated meta.
  • Mantle of Ra received change, instead of AD now it provides health, and the burn damage instead of being based on level, not it is based on maximum Health. As a consequence, this item damage contribution to a tank has increased while the assassin equipping this item will receive some additional health at the large cost to their damage (less AD bonus and burn damage scaling change). This change will probably have a significant impact on some of the AP tanks (Gildur, Arum, and TeeMee comes to mind).
  • Taara and Arduin received some much-needed buffs, coupled with the change to the Mantle of Ra, this is a huge deal for metagame and any Arena of Valor Tier List out there.
  • Dark Slayer changes made this objective more important. The heroes being able to solo this target and being able to quickly clear the jungle got increased value and AoV Tier List ranking. One such champion is Kil’Groth because this is his strength that came on top of slight buffs.


Arena of Valor, AoV Mantle of Ra change and the effect of it

DS lane is back in the hands of warrior/tank classes. Even if some of the assassins remain, the change to Mantle of Ra will push them toward more tanky role, less direct AD scaling damage and more health/survivability, or to pick another item, in which case the estimates can wildly vary. It is a high chance assassins will return to the jungle role while the Marksman role gets back to the lane. It seems we are returning to the old-school MOBA style, Top (DS) lane tank/warrior, Mid lane mage/assassin, jungle assassin, Bot (ID) lane marksmen, and Roam/Support covering ganking or assisting marksmen.
The game such is Arena of Valor is flexible and the value of certain AoV characters can go up and down the tier list depending on the composition of a team.
For example, having an assassin in DS lane, Mage in mid-lane, assassin/marksman in jungle and marksman in ID (bot) lane. The net result of this is dramatically reduced the value of Alice, Annette, Peura and increased value of Toro, Grakk, Cresht and other tank-like heroes. Another example is if the enemy has build control oriented team than Chaugnar can be easily considered as Tier 1 on any Arena of Valor Tier list. For more information about the relationship of Arena of Valor Characters and Arena of Valor Tier List, read here. And if you wish to learn more about particular AoV character than check out the extensive guides found on our Arena of Valor Heroes page.
The AoV Tier List is updated for the April of 2019. Let me know what do you think, which one are underrated and which one are overrated heroes in your opinion. Stay tuned and much respect from Bluemoongame team.