Arena of Valor Tier List Qi Update

AoV Tier List Qi update + Guide

On 12th of July Arena of Valor Hero roster received addition in the form of new warrior/tank. Her name is Qi, the Brawler, and she is a sexy little kitten that likes her fruit the way she likes her boobs, round and juicy.

Here you can find AoV Qi in-depth guide. As for the Arena of Valor Tier List updated with Qi, check out the picture below.

arena of valor tier list enchantment update

There are a few changes to the Arena of Valor Tier List. First, of, I ‘d like to explain why D’Arcy is still legendary pick, and it is because of the jungle role. If played as mid-laner he is Epic due to his dependence of constantly refilling the energy bar, which he is unable from just one wave of the creep, thus in need to damage/kill some jungle creeps. This causes outrage with most junglers, so is better to avoid him, unless jungle-role is available.

Second, we promote Enzo to the Legendary status. It turns out medium range coupled with extraordinary ability to toss the enemy, while dishing out huge bursts of damage, proves to be very potent in today’s meta.

Capheny’s status is lowered to Epic. Enough time has passed so the community had time to adapt, coupled with other small issues, and she cannot remain Top Tier anymore.

As for Qi, the Brawler, she landed on Epic category of our Arena of Valor Tier List. There is a potential for Qi to become legendary, but it depends largely on getting ahead early in the game, and the enemy team not having strong magic damage dealer.

One of the core Qi assets is her passive. Stackable armor buff, additional AD percentage, attack speed, and HP restored for the next 2 normal attacks after landing ability.

Starchaser (Skill 1) is a combination of mobility and control. She dashes forward and knock-up targets for the 0.5 sec.

Mountain Shaker (Skill 2) deals multiple instances of cone-shaped AoE damage, while at the same time it stacking armor debuff. At 6th lvl of this Skill combined with Spear of Longinus, it can strip up to the 550 armor of the target, which is equivalent of two armor items. Particularly effective when attacking the same enemy with the marksman.

Dragon’s Bane (The Ultimate) is a two-part ability. First, it knock-back opponent while dealing some damage. If knocked into another terrain, it will be stunned and receive additional damage, while at the same time allows for one more use for short dash and damage that additionally scale with target’s lost HP. This ability is particularly potent with Fenrir’s Tooth.

We will continue to monitor Qi, the Brawler, status during the next few weeks and will update Arena of Valor Tier List as the metagame shifts.