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AoV Tier List Zip update

New Arena of Valor Hero, Zip, was released on the 9th of August 2019 and immediately he made a splash. Zip is a new breed of playmaking support with a huge emphasis on playmaking, control, and protection.

Here is an In-depth guide for Zip, while in the Arena of Valor Tier List shown below you can find a short description and reasoning behind Zip’s rank on the board.

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arena of valor tier list zip update, v.2

Zip Bloat! is passive that goes hand-in-hand with his ability to pick-up allies and become bloated. So, whenever Zip become Bloated, he reduces damage taken and deals a certain amount of magic damage to the enemies around.

Zip Hex! Is his first skill and main damage source. Combined with Berit’s Agony item, and Afata Enchantment (Nature’s Rage), his damage will surprise most players. Due to a fixed and low cooldown, it is recommended to reach at least 30% cooldown reduction.

Zip Angry! The second skill has multiple purposes as one of Zip’s main playmaking tools. After a short channel, he swallows ally heroes, minions, and jungle monsters, and spit them out after a few seconds. If he is under the effects of ultimate, “spit-out” moment will be delayed until the roll is over. Also, Zip is healed based on AP and the number of targets he swallows.

Zip Roll! What this skill does is basically Zip start to roll and move incredibly fast in a pointed direction.“Zip Roll!” synergies well with “Zip Angry!” by allowing for quick lane-to-lane, or base-to-lane transport. Also, it allows for some great initiation, chase or escape, for both Zip and his team.

It’s the first hero in Arena of Valor roster able to move allies around. Aside from that, Zip produces tons of control, he can harass/delay enemy jungler by picking up his mobs and taking them away until they reset (this is situational though). Zip deals some, while at the same time, can soak ridiculous amounts of damage.

In the current state of things, Zip takes Tier 1 of Arena of Valor Tier List. Not only it is a powerful hero in almost every aspect of the game and has a tremendous amount of influence on the outcome of the game, but Zip also brings out one unique aspect of the game, an ability to forcefully gather team, make someone retreat/roam and so on.

Until such time comes where we see a nerf to his stats, and possibly change to his gameplay, Zip remains at the top of AoV Tier List.