AoV Patch Notes

AoV update, September 25th 2019 patch notes

Hey folks, it is September the 25th 2019 and Arena of Valor update is upon us. While we didn’t receive official information about the AoV patch notes, the effort was made to try and translate some of the AoV patch notes from youtube videos and other sources from Indonesia.

Like with any patch, the essence of it is hero buffs and nerfs, so without further a due, here is the list:

Hero changes

Diao Chan

arena-of-valor-champion-diaochan: aov nerf
Skill 2
Cooldown 0/8.6/8.2/7.8/7.4/7 >>> 11/10.6/10.2/9.8/9.4/9 seconds

Skill 3 (The Ultimate)
Slow: 30% >>> 20%


aov nerf:
Skill 1
Base Initial damage: 350/420/490/560/630/700 >>> 200/280/360/440/520/600
Removed stun when the link breaks

Skill 2
Mana Cost: 60/65/70/75/80/85 >>> 125/130/136/140/145/150
Fixed a couple of bugs related to this ability.

Skill 3
Mana Cost: 100-110>>> 150-200
Adjusted Reset Cooldown: 20% >>>5%
Speed decays faster and needs to be accelerated by hitting the wall


aov champion hayate iconaov nerf:
True Damage: 74-130 >>> 72-110


arena of valor character florentinoaov nerf
Normal Attack Bonus from Lunge: 125% >>> 110%
Additional Damage from next attack: 20% >>> 10%


aov nerf
Fixed a bug where Enzo’s skill had longer reach than the indicator was showing.
Range: 8.5 >>> 10.5

Skill 3
Cooldown: 2.5/2.3/2 >>> 3.5/3/2.5


arena-of-valor-champion-nakrothaov nerf
Skill 1
Cooldown: 9.6/8.8/8/7.2/6.4/5.6 seconds >>> 10/9.3/8.6/7.9/7.2/6.5 seconds

Skill 2
Cooldown: 5 seconds >>> 6 seconds


Skill 2
Maximum 4 souls for 600/800/1000/1200/1400/1600 (+280% of AD) >>>
Maximum 3 souls for 600/810/1020/1230/1440/1650 (+270% of AD)

Skill 3
When an enemy hero is hit, the cooldown of Cleave is reset. (REMOVED)
When an enemy hero is hit, enchant Maloch’s blade. If it’s already enchanted, Shock deals true damage. (ADDED)


arena of valor wiroaov buff
25% armor and magic defense lost >>> 10%

Skill 1
Each hit deals additional damage: 80/110/140/170/200/230 (+10% of AD) >>>
100/140/180/220/260/300 (+15% of AD)
Ability available after activation for 3 seconds >>> 5 seconds


arena-of-valor-champion-tulenaov buff
Skill 3
Magic damage: 360/450/540 (+54% of AP) >>> 400/500/600 (+60% of AP)
If the enemy hero dies before Thunderbird hits, its cooldown is reduced by 80% (ADDED)


arena-of-valor-champion-natalyaaov buff
Skill 1
Range: 10 meters >>> 11 meters
Flight Speed: 12m/s >>> 13m/s

Skill 2
Range: 9 meters >>> 10 meters
Mana cost: reduced by 10 across the board.

Skill 3
Mana Cost: reduced by 20 for all levels


Arena of Valor Qiaov buff
Skill 3
Fixed a bug that made knockback less effective.
Knockback distance cannot be reduced by Resistance. (ADDED)


arena of valor character xenielaov buff
Skill 2
Immune to control during the takeoff process. (ADDED)


aov nerf
Attack range: 7.5 meters >>> 7.25 meters

Skill 1
Skill range: 7.5 meters >>> 7.25 meters

Skill 3
Cooldown: 35/30/25 seconds >>> 45/40/35 seconds

So far this is what we know if there are some additional changes we will update the article. For all things-Mobile, stay in touch with Bluemoongame.