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AoV Winter Wonderland – update

Winter is coming and with that the new Arena of Valor update named “Winter Wonderland” set for release on 13th December 2018.

EDIT (13. December 2018): The update is released and with the number of changes, both major and minor we are working on implementing and updating our content, from guides to tier lists. A large number of well-performing champions got nerfed, and some of those less used got some buffs. The main question is where are they going to land in new meta-game. For more info stay tuned with Bluemoongame as we got our ears to the ground and during the weekend we will finish our analysis and share our findings.

There is a large number of changes planned for this update, so we have taken the time to note the most important ones.
 AoV talent

1. Talent – Daze and Sprint buffs (Stun instead slow effect it reduces enemy damage by 40% for 2 sec and Sprint got large burst of speed for the first second.)

2. Abyssal Dragon, Enraged Abyssal Dragon, and Dark Slayer will reduce the HP recovery of heroes by 50% for 5 seconds.

3. Tower damage reduction with no minion wave is reduced from 80% to 70% and added Damage limit of 1000 for one instance of damage by her towards a tower.

4. When summoned Drake will lock onto nearest minion wave instead of the nearest tower.

5. Ignis – Fire Crash base damage and scaling nerfed.

6. Annette – don’t need to cast continuously for the ultimate.

7. Kriknak – reduced initial damage and scaling of 1st ability and slightly reduced damage bonus from Passive.

8. Batman – cannot be targeted during the flight if it’s activated while being in stealth.

9. Baldum – buffs across the board that push Baldum more toward Jungler role.

10. Zanis – rebalanced, Tail Sweep greatly increased attack speed but for a shorter duration, and ultimate damage reduction removed.

11. Wonder Woman – Sword and Shield maximum damage to jungle monsters increased 10x (it is now 1000). Possibly moving Wonder Woman to a jungle role.

12. Y’bneth – early game power and sustain reduced.

13. Roxie – reduced damage and duration of ultimate.

14. Taara – Max HP and AD gained from passive increased.

15. Maloch – added AD scaling to his sustain from passive and 1st skill (lore updated)

16. Omega – ultimate gains knockback effect.

17. Max – ultimate basic damage increase and scaling doubled

18. Arum – passive: Ravenous Beasts, when Arum is in the brush and not in the enemy’s vision, the ravenous beasts summoned by Arum cannot be seen by the enemy.

19. Amulet Longevity – 20% heal and 10% Max HP replaced with 2% max HP and 1% max mana every second after exiting combat.

20. Crimson Banner – removed

21. Odin’s Will – HP increased to 1200, +60 Attack Damage replaced with +200 Armor.

These are just some of the major changes planned for 13th December 2018.