Apex Legends

Apex Legend has 50 million players after just one month

After a full month since release, Apex Legends is still on an upward curve, although not so sharp as in the first week, where the pace of progress could be described as “breakneck”. However, the player base is still in a steady rise, which is confirmed by the report made by Respawn and Electronic Arts. That report claims Apex Legends have surpassed 50 million players milestone in just one month. Although the report didn’t unveil the number of simultaneous players, the first weekend of this game has seen more than 2 million people playing at the same time.

Apex Legends has been launched on February 4th this year, without any prior announcement or marketing. The gameplay takes a lot from a variety of video games, including Respawn’s own Titanfall series. There is also an influence of Battle Royale games, team shooters based on classes, and games with evolving narratives. There are 60 players divided into teams of 3 which battle each other out in an island. One of the players decides where the squad will land, and after the landing, squad members have to look for weapons and equipment in order to prepare to fight with other squads. Gradually, the combat area is getting smaller, and battles are getting more intense until only one squad remains. The game features eight heroes to choose from and the microtransactions system for cosmetic items.

Apex Legends

Like every other fresh game, Apex Legends hasn’t been without issues. There have been crashes, hitbox inconsistency, and cheaters, which are happenings quite usual in this stadium. Nevertheless, it’s quite impressive to achieve this kind of success, especially considering that Respawn has yet to start dealing season passes or dish out additional content, aside from new weapons and cosmetics. Starting from this autumn, Fortnite passed over 200 million players landmark, but they had a couple of circumstances in their favor. First of all, they have had much more time to get to that point and they have mobile users included in the player base. While Apex Legends’ base relies on three main platforms, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows PC.

Of course, the thing that makes everyone wonder is will Apex Legends managed to keep the momentum going after a couple of months when initial fascination fades away. We are not talking about Fortnite level of global popularity, but merely keeping the game relevant and preventing player base to crumble and dilute in favor of new titles. It will take a lot of work, timing, and luck in order to stay popular and attract players attention, which is something that a lot of battle royale studios know quite good.