Apple Promoting Ipad Pro

Apple is giving us 5 reasons why their new iPad is better than a computer

Despite all their qualities and a rightful place they hold in the IT world, Apple as a company had always acted with a mixture of swagger, charisma, arrogance, aggressive marketing and something resembling a mild messianic complex. Sure, while some confidence is always a good thing, especially when you have to sell a product, that particular combination tends to annoy people after a while. And now they’ve created quite a stir with their latest marketing campaign intended to showcase the potential and ultimate versatility of their iPad Pro, a device which is more than capable (as they claim and undoubtedly hope in Apple, gleefully rubbing their palms in sweet anticipation of future profits and monopoly in the IT industry) to completely replace your computer. What? How? Can it really be? Well, guys from Apple seem to believe it can, and now they’ve come up with the five reasons which should convince all naysayers and doubting Thomases to give their confidence to them and finally throw their outdated computers into the garbage bin.  

If you remember, it all started about a year ago when Apple had released a commercial intended to showcase all advanced abilities of their iPad Pro, following an ordinary Brooklyn kid through her daily routine, as she uses her fateful iPad Pro in different ways. Great, nothing controversial there. In fact, I distinctly remembered that, after I’ve watched it, I wished one for myself. However, the thing that aggravated the IT community is the very ending, when a neighbor asked the girl what’s she doing on her computer and she replied: “What’s a computer”? That instantly caused an avalanche of negative responses and (unjustified) hate directed towards the “iPad kid” and Apple (which is probably a little bit more justified).

In the meantime, Apple had prepared their response, devising five arguments why their new iPad is indeed better than a computer. So, without the further ado, here they are.

Apple giving 5 Reasons Why Their Tablet Is Better Than Computer


Reason No. 1: The new iPad Pro is more powerful than most computers. This claim can relatively easily be confirmed, or disputed, for that matter. Although some recent benchmark results show that new iPad Pro is the equivalent of 2018 MacBook Pro when it comes to performances, that still doesn’t mean much. There are lots of different computer configurations out there, and “most computers” is an intentionally vague term, which can be interpreted as misleading. That being said, no one in the right mind disputes qualities and features of iPad Pro. Just don’t go overboard with it, ok?

Reason No. 2: iPad Pro is an extremely versatile device, which at the same time can serve as:” scanner, camera, notepad, cinema, editing suite, musical studio, book, and a computer”. This part is undeniably true since iPad Pro can indeed do all these things, the only question is how efficient in comparison to the standard computers it intends to supplant.

Reason No. 3: “It goes everywhere”, i.e. it’s convenient and easily portable, “and stays connected everywhere”. Indeed, iPad Pro is extremely lightweight (it weighs only about 1 pound), its battery has juice for about ten hours of work and has WI-FI and LTE support, although, to be completely fair, most (to paraphrase Apple) mobile phones can do just that.

Reason No. 4: It has an intuitive and convenient user interface which allows you to easily multitask, navigate through menus, move objects and etc. And while all that is undoubtedly true and Apple did a fine job in implementing all this, it’s nothing revolutionary, since we’re by now pretty much used to perceive all those features as something basic and necessary for everyday work.

Reason No. 5: “It’s even better with Apple pencil”. With Apple pencil, you’ll be able to do autographs, draw and other things with great precision. Again, although this feature functions great, it’s still nothing you’d write home about and it’s certainly not something that would make you discard your computer.

To sum it up, Apple’s iPad Pro is undoubtedly a great piece of tech with powerful performances, which will enable you to conveniently do different things and solve various tasks while you’re on the go. However, it also has a number of shortcomings from some innate limitations of iOS to some really strange omissions like the fact it has no headphones jack, which Apple tactfully failed to mention in these five reasons why iPad Pro is better than a computer. Maybe someday, Apple. Maybe someday. But, for now, if you want to heed our advice, you better hold on to your computer at least for a little longer.