Apple-Valve AR

Apple is working with Valve on AR headset

Valve, the creator of the beloved DOTA 2 and DOTA Underlords games, is now in on Apple’s AR headset project. Online reports indicate that this could be releasing as early as second half of 2020, but this gadget was long-time in the rumors already. While there is no doubt that the industry is moving forward in that direction, blending technology with gameplay to make the immersive experience even better, why bring in a video game developer to help with the project?

Dota AR

Apple AR headset rumors started as early as 2017, when the unofficial reports stated that the company is working on a next-gen device that would succeed iPhone and aiming for a 2020 release. Well, don’t know about succeeding the iPhone for it is a whole different approach, but they did get the release date right it seems as now Apple did supplement the info along with the unveiling of the collaboration with a renowned video game developer.

The AR project was reportedly suspended briefly earlier this year, but now in-house efforts and resources are shifted towards making it happen. And, Valve is brought in to help make the dream a reality. This is not the first time the two companies are working together, as Valve was also a big part of bringing a native VR headset to macOS. According to online sources, Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, said that they will cooperate with Valve on VR headsets rather than VR devices. He believes that making the digital content a part of the everyday user’s world is the way to go and that it will become as accessible as the usual Smartphones are in everyday life today.

AG Goggles

If the sources are to be believed, mainly DigiTimes which are the source of the Tim Cook statements and the rumored/confirmed statements, this means that Apple AR will be a “head-mounted display device” which will come as an iPhone accessory. It will serve as a display for the Smartphone, displaying information wirelessly from the iPhone, handling networking, positioning, and computing.

While the technical stuff might still be hard to grasp, it does sound fun and engaging to see this kind of an AR device implementation in everyday life. It would certainly be a big leap in innovation, in terms of putting these technologies together, and it will also make us one step closer to the future sci-fi movies predicted. Anyways, 2020 is right on our doorstep and Apple and Valve might be working on bringing the future to us today.