Ipad Pro Bending

Apple Writes Off iPad’s Slight Bend as Defect

If you notice your iPad Pro has a slight bend, apparently there is nothing to worry about according to Apple. The company described this as a normal side effect of the manufacturing process which will in no way affect the tablet’s functionality or get worse. The bend is noticeable when observing the aluminum chassis from the side of the antenna line and both size versions of iPad Pro seem to have it.

Considering that the price for the device ranges from $799 to $1,899 depending on the size and storage, it’s quite understandable that consumers are worried. But the testimonies online differ, including both people who say it came with a bend from the vendor to becoming bent over some period of time without any pressure being applied to it. And the latter is also something Apple confirmed to happen. However, some users who sent their bent tablets to Apple and got replacement noticed that the new tablets had a slight bend as well from the moment they took off the wrapper.

In the beginning, it was believed that this happens only to LTE models because the plastic strip for antenna divides the aluminum. But then, users noticed the same issue with the Wi-Fi model and it immediately raised red flags. This is quite a serious issue for Apple even though only a cosmetic one since the company is respected for their reputation of creating high-end devices.

However, this issue shouldn’t be a surprise since last month a video from YouTuber HerryRigEverything showed it can be easily bent. This may be because the devices are 5.3 mm thick and made of aluminum which is among the softer metals. Of course, if you apply enough force on any device it will bend or in the worst case break. Also, the bends portrayed in this article are not the same as the one in the video, with the latter being more pronounced and very visible.

If you are not satisfied with your iPad Pro device, you can return it within the 14-day period, but even with this bend, Apple reports that they didn’t receive more requests for returns than usual. Additionally, users don’t need AppleCare+ claim as being told by some stores to replace their bent device.