Batman AoV Hero is a very popular pick in the game and a favorite hero to many DC fans and comic book fans. Arena of Valor mobile game has certainly made a smart move by incorporating DC heroes in their roster by acquiring an official license. So far we’ve seen AoV Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and the Joker, but there’s bound to be more on the way. AoV Batmanis a particularly interesting choice for a player and the reason why probably lies not only in the skills Tencent incorporated in their version of Batman, but in the character’s history as well.

The Dark Knight, the Caped Crusader, or The World’s Greatest Detective…

All well-known pseudonyms for what is probably one of the most popular figures in comic book history and in World’s popular culture. Most of the time, he is known as ‘My favorite super hero!’, when you hear somebody refer to Batman. But, this character evolved much over the years and this version today differs much from his beginnings.

Batman first appeared in Detective Comics #27, in 1939! He was created by an artist Bob Kane and a writer Bill Finger. His original name was written with a dash: Bat-Man and his true identity was Bruce Wayne right from the start. The Detective Comics #27 features a murder and the Bat-Man is there to solve the crime and earn his first title – The World’s Greatest Detective.

Batman Cartoon

Quickly after that, Batman got his own show, or rather comic book, and his antagonist was the devilishly clever and deadly charming Joker. AoV Joker is also an interesting hero to look at, but for now let’s stay on AoV Batman a bit more.
Over the years, or should I say decades, the character evolved and crossed over to all trends and purposes. The audience particularly praised Tim Barton’s 1989 movie “Batman”, starring Michael Keaton as Batman and Jack Nicholson as the Joker. The movie did complete justice to Bob Kane’s dark and gritty depiction of the character, and many movies followed afterward.

I will be biased with these mentions, skipping some and mentioning only my favorites, but all honorable mentions go to all other characterizations of Batman, naturally.

Tim Burton’s Batman was true to the origins and it was a quite colorful, almost surreal movie. As to completely oppose and challenge this approach, Christopher Nolan shocked everyone with his version in 2005 movie “Batman Begins”, starring Christian Bale and Liam Neeson.

Anyways, The AoV Batman version (Arena of Valor Batman) absolutely did the character justice with his skills and overall impression. As in his most common depiction, in Arena of Valor Batman is a stealthy predator, jumping from stealth and taking down opponents in mere seconds. He can be truly invisible, throws batarangs, devastates his enemies with his fists, and even glides with his cape. Okay, the glide is more of a dash, but Batman AoV makes for a formidable foe and a force to be reckoned with.

Here’s our comprehensive guide for Arena of Valor Batman here. Our team has worked thoroughly through the hero and came up with a guide and tips section, so check it out if you want.

So, the skills in general opinion did do the Batman justice, and there are as follows:

His passive called “Caped Crusader” gives the character movement speed increase (20%), making AoV Batman a perfect predator to chase down and kill isolated enemy heroes.

His first ability, called “Forearm Strike”, strikes an enemy hero with his blades and scores a double strike on the same target if he is isolated.

The second ability, simply called “Batarang”, launches an explosive Batarang at the target. The Batarang deals damage, but more importantly slows down the enemy hero’s movement speed. And, additionally, that same hero loses a bonus 24% of his HP of their missing HP, 3 seconds after being hit by it. This ability is incredibly powerful when correctly paired with his first, “Forearm Strike”.

His ultimate, “Dark Knight”, is aptly named. The Batman conceals himself in bats and becomes invisible. The invisibility lasts for 30 seconds if AoV Batman keeps aways from enemy heroes, but the ultimate has a second part only activatable if you’ve done the first part of the ultimate. The second activation of the ultimate makes AoV Batman spread its cape, dash forward, and deal heavy AoE damage.

All in all, AoV Batman is quite an accurate representation of the Batman character, from the cartoons and the movies in my opinion. He is stealthy, versatile, a true prowler, and is capable of taking down an opponent without mercy. I would though like to see more of his gadgets, like the grapple gun or something similar.
Arena of Valor does make an interesting depiction of Batman, and applies his mechanics nicely to the game. This iconic character is continuing to rise in popularity, though there hardly is any more room to grow, but AoV Batman is certainly a worthy mention in this DC Heroes Arena of Valor inclusion.