AoV Elsu

Arena of Valor Elsu released after one week delay

Hey guys, it’s been a while since we got to test some new characters in Arena of Valor, but Tencent sure made up for it this time. You can find a bunch of Tips and Tricks in Elsu’s guide. After the release date got pushed back due to some technical issues champion mechanics ware causing, we ware wondering what is it cooking for us this time, and it sure was worth the wait.
Elsu is latest Marksman hero in Arena of Valor and he is destined to shift the metagame and make havoc on all Tier Lists AoV related. Not only is his playstyle somewhat unique, but the impact on the game will be huge. The insane range of his second ability, tons of movement speed increase outside of combat, stealth and disengage, everything needed for a great sniper, and everything built into Elsu skill-arsenal. However, this is not all, Elsu’s first ability Sentinel is essentially a Vision Ward, something we know from other MOBA titles like DotA II and League of Legends.
To sum it up, it is an extremely useful champion, with interesting game mechanics and exceptionally fun to play.
Also on a side note, Elsu character seems to be inspired by North American Indians, something we rarely see in the game and I must say it is a step in a good direction.