Arena of Valor often features all kinds of events, and that couldn’t miss the ongoing football World Cup. And not only did we get new football themed skins for five heroes, but we also got a new 3v3 mode. The mode is literally a football game, and it looks absolutely ridiculous and amazingly fun. And let’s not forget to mention that there are new summer themed skins in as well, such as the amazing Krixi skin. Butterfly will also be getting a redesign, and well, you be the judge – if you ask me, she looks cool, but we will get to that later. Let’s start from the beginning, then.

An all-new game mode called Football Fever is here. The idea behind it was not only to celebrate the World Cup and all the craze that comes with it, but for the players to relax a bit from their serious ranked games and play a short match of football. So take a break from pushing lanes, jungling and ganking (and hating on good AoV Murad players) and have fun in this new mode. You can access it from the Casual Match button on the main menu. As in the main game, the opponent’s goal will always be in the top right corner of the map. Shoot the ball into the opponents net to score – you know the drill.


Matches last for five minutes, with additional overtime if it’s a draw. In overtime, first score wins, naturally. You have an indicator that will show you where the ball will travel once kicked, and all heroes have the same abilities that they have in the game with the mana cost removed completely! The damage doesn’t count though because no one wants red cards to fly each second, so only CC effects will remain. Two basic abilities have sort of been added into the mode: Gravity and Volley (this naturally kicks the ball over a longer distance and goes in a straight line). Oh yeah, and we have a new talent, as well, called Intercept (limited to the mode, of course). Namely, you will form a force field of a sort to contain the ball if it comes into contact with it. The duration is very short, so make a good use of it.

There is also a new stat of sorts for this mode – Morale. Apparently, each time you score, your opponent’s morale will increase. I am not sure if it works like that in real life, but it’s good for game design, so I am not complaining. Morale unlocks Gravity, the ability I mentioned earlier, but only when it reaches its maximum. When used, Gravity will glue the ball to the player for five seconds and will also be attracted from some range to him/her.


There are two random weather effects on the field as well, both being quite bad of course. There is the Storm Mode and the Twister mode. The Storm Mode, lightning will randomly strike the ball, which gives random effects to nearby heroes. It could be a buff or debuff, and it’s insane how much it can help you or destroy you. You can get dazed, but also gain CC immunity; you can get slowed, but also get CDR; you can get your abilities locked, but also get increased MS. It’s crazy! The Twister Mode it gets even crazier though. There is a tornado in randomly roaming on the field. Anyone who gets close to it gets tossed back some distance depending on which direction is the tornado spinning. This works for the ball as well, so it can get launched towards your own goal if you are not careful, but exploiting it could also be your winning goal.

There are even more features to this mode, but I reckon that this article will get way too long if I continue, so you will just have to check the mode out for yourself to see them. Now let’s move onto the other things from the update, such as the skins. And oh man, do they look amazing. Apparently, Xeniel is Brazilian, Murad Argentinian, Tulen is French, Valhein Portuguese and Max, well, he just seems to be a goalkeeper. But never mind the nationalities, just look at these insane skins. Xeniel looks absolutely awesome.

And with summer being here, how could Tencent miss pitching in summer skins? After Gildur’s surfer skin, we now get arguably the best skin for AoV Krixi. She looks better than ever and those dolphins are adorable.



Finally, AoV Butterfly is getting a complete redesign. Don’t worry, her trademark ponytails will remain, though they have also went through slight changes. First it was Arthur who got a rework, then Alice and Jinnar (this one was really needed), and so now it’s Butterfly’s turn. She is especially important to both the community and the developers, as she is often seen as a mascot along with a few other heroes, and many players have hours upon hours playing this hero. If you ask me, the new look works well, though I dislike the overly-designed fantasy sword and liked her katana a lot better. I also loved her practical outfit before, but I guess the developers wanted her to be sexier than she was for the fans to… enjoy the character more. The color scheme they chose was somewhat close to what it was before, but again, I liked her white shirt, musketeer style. Well, it’s for you guys to judge.