Saturday, February 23



Arena of Valor is getting updates regularly, and the team behind it is really working around the clock to make the game as best as they can. After all, Tencent cares for their user retention rate immensely; it’s what makes them the largest company in the world when it comes to mobile gaming. Anyway, even though EU and NA regions are, so to say, lagging behind the Asian regions when it comes to content, they are still getting heroes and updates the same way Asia does. The Flash was added a month ago and he was quickly utilized in the middle of the Valor Cup; these pro teams are really something, adapting so quickly to new a hero setup.

Anyway, the long-awaited Switch port is finally here, and that’s our biggest news, but that’s far from everything that has changed. If you have been following the AoV and what’s to come, you should have known that the Sunday update had promised to have Monthly sign-in rewards. For one reason or another, that did not happen. The silent patch repaired this slight oversight though, so we had an unannounced update giving us this monthly feature. Mina’s skin, Fatal Scythe, is featured this month, so follow the calendar and log in every single day, and you should get tokens for this skin. You need 120 of these tokens to be able to get the skin, but… did you see how awesome the skin is? I have used it so many times when I had a free trial for it; I love me some Mina *drool*.

If you want to get the maximum amount of shards (133), you have to log in every day, and that just means that you have a few days to miss if you want the skin. And honestly, that’s great, because being in obligation to never miss a day would be a bit too much. This way, you ‘only’ have to log in 21 days in the month, and Fatal Scythe is yours.

Switch Beta

When it comes to the long-awaited Nintendo Switch port of the game, it will be entering its closed Beta stage during this summer. While the port was very much wanted, there was no news in sight about the Switch. So, this was very surprising, but still very welcome, and since the Switch beta should have initially launched during the winter of 2017, fans can finally rejoice. Back when it was initially announced, this version should have come to EU only, but this seems not to be the case now, as both EU and NA will be getting the possibility to get into this beta. It is scheduled to run for about two weeks, like most mobile betas do, and don’t forget that you have to sign up for it. Note that the beta is not the same as soft launch, especially not the same as global launch. Beta serves to test the grounds when it comes to the platform and players, and player’s feedback is incredibly important. Soft launch comes after that, and finally, when the developers feel content with what they have, they will have a global launch.

New Hero

Rourke is here! The Captain graces us with his presence, finally! We have known about this hero for some time thanks to the Asian servers having him as a playable character for some time now, and the week before a new hero is released, we always get them on the background of the main menu, and Rourke was no exception. Yesterday, on June 1st, Rourke got to e playable with his default and one alternate skin. As usual, there is a discount for those who want to purchase him with vouchers instead of using gold. Judging from his appearance (him having a crossbow and all), you might think that we have a regular ranged hero, which is quite far from the truth. The playstyle that he brings into the game is refreshing, but I won’t go into details here as we would derail the topic further. If you are interested in this hero, check his spotlight.


Yorn got a new skin, which, while it is quite expensive, is amazing. Called Ghost Samurai Yorn, it goes for 2499 vouchers (yeah, ouch), but if you love playing with this hero, you only have three more days to decide if you will buy it. It’s a limited time offer, so pick it up asap or watch it vanish from the realm of possibility to get it.

Well, that’s about it for today guys. As I said, the Arena of Valor team is pumping out updates with great speed (and that doesn’t diminish its quality!) and we have a lot more to cover with this game, especially since the World Cup will grace us in a little more than a month now. So hoist your said, this adventure is yet to shine its brightest!