AoV Tier List Capheny update

Arena of Valor Tier List – Capheny update

Arena Tier List updated with new Hero Capheny. The Tier List represents the strength rankings of all Arena of Valor heroes. The tier list is being updated on a regular basis with every new hero and new Arena of Valor update.

On 26th of April 2019, Capheny arrived at the Arena of Valor servers on the western hemisphere. Capheny is a relatively unique Marksmen and from the start, it earns a high position on our Arena of Valor Tier List. For an in-depth guide on Arena of Valor, AoV Capheny.

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So let’s discuss Capheny’s position on Arena of Valor Tier List.

Capheny is a very strong marksman, simple to use, quick to learn and strong in team fights.
Her passive transforms Capheny’s Attack speed into the Attack Damage by the ratio of 2 AD for 1% of AS and, as a bonus, it enables her to attack while on the move. This is one of the two main reasons for her strong position on Arena of Valor Tier List.
Skill 1 (Pulse/Rapid Shot) is just skill that swaps between two modes of fire, Rapid Fire and Pulse Shot. In combination with Armorbreaker one (Rapid Fire) provides higher attack speed and armor penetration, while the other (Pulse Shot) provides Crit Chance and ability to pierce the targets.
The Second ability, Armorbreaker, provide said stacks of crit/armor penetration as passive stacks, while upon use it gives a small burst of speed or jump, depending on skill 1 (movement speed in Rapid Shot mode, Jump in Pulse Shot mode).
The Ultimate, Fusillade, is an awesome ability and it can be used in a great many ways: wave clear, harass, wombo-combo with other AoE physical damage abilities, finishing off escaping targets, and so on. It is a cone shape ability, covering the large area and while channeling Capheny can freely move (slightly slower for the duration of the channel). Fusillade is the second reason for positioning so well on our Arena of Valor Tier List.
“So why Capheny isn’t at the top of Arena of Valor Tier List?” I hear you asking.
With all her strengths separating her from the other heroes Capheny has some glaring weaknesses.
The first is no ability to control, and weak mobility skill.
The second is a consequence of first: Capheny’s dependence on the team. Every other hero scoring Legendary rank on our Bluemoongame Arena of Valor Tier List, have a strong presence in some shape or form, but one of the major prerequisites is for them to dictate the playstyle (strong poke, harass, control, kite, toughness, burst… and so on). In a team with good coordination and cooperation, Capheny will shine and would earn a Legendary rank easily.
Problem is, when the team is not well coordinated and Capheny is left on her own, she will have a bad time against proper assassins. To be fair, all marksmen do have this problem, but they at least have something to buy that one extra second for the support/tank to intervene, whereas Capheny just has Flicker (granted Armorbreaker provide some speed but it’s not a great deal of it).
Having said that, Capheny is fairly balanced, somewhat stronger than the old guard of heroes but definitely not the strongest of the bunch.

For the future update, we have received the information on the new patch/update for Arena of Valor, one already present in Indonesia on Garena servers, with some balance changes (significant nerf to Florentino, buff to Xeniel, change to Amily and few more). As soon as we have those changes alive and we do a good amount of testing, we will release the update to our Arena Tier List.
Until that time stay tuned with Bluemoongame, stay tuned with gaming.