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AoV Tier List – Enchantment update

On Jully the 16th 2019, Tencent dropped a new patch for Arena of Valor, and we have a barrage of changes on our hands. This time, however, it’s not only the hero/item change on our hands but important update in the form of Enchantments, a new hero-customization system.

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For now, our Arena of Valor Tier List received some changes that you can see in the picture below. For more explanation about the changes that came our way, check the text below the picture.

Note that the scope of changes is huge and it will take a few weeks for the meta-game to settle down. We will update the list several times during that period.

arena of valor tier list enchantment update

(I am going to try and explain Enchantment system, but if you don’t get it, no worries, simply log into the game and once you try it out, it will make a lot more sense than text-format explanation).

In this new system, there are 4 Enchantments (Afata, Veda, Lokheim, and League of Humans). Every Enchantment has three stages. Each of these stages offers the player a number of options (2 or 3) to choose from. Stage I and III offer 3 options, while stage II of every enchantment offer 2 options.

Furthermore, we have three slots, one major slot, minor I-slot, and minor II-slot.

Major slot

We can select one option for each of the three stages of major Enchantment.

Minor I-slot.

For this, we can select one of the options from the first stage out of any Enchantment (not previously selected by the Major slot).

Minor II-slot.

For this, we can select one of the options from the second stage out of any Enchantment (also, not previously selected by the Major slot).

Here are a few changes to the current Arena of Valor Tier List:

Maloch – upgraded to Legendary. Maloch was already powerful with strong abilities that provide both damage and toughness at the same time. Reduced cooldowns of these abilities are benefiting Maloch in more ways than one.

Diaochan – upgraded to Epic. The shield added fits in perfectly into her skillset. Expect her to be used slightly more in the next few weeks. We will continue to monitor her status and update as time goes on.

Violet – upgraded to Epic. Not only because she received buffed, but she Enchantment system fits into her style very well.

Capheny – downgraded to Good. She is still decent marksman, but with nerf to her life-steal percentage, I cannot justify her status as Epic, even thou she is one of my favorites.

Hayate – downgraded to Epic. While he is still very much strong, Hayate lost some of his dominance with the recent nerfs.

Mganga – upgraded to Fair. Thou he is still kinda exposed and vulnerable, the increase in range deals with this issue to some extent.

Fennik – upgraded to Epic. Mostly because of the buffs he received in the last patch. With increased base attack and movement speed, as well as the strength of his passive, Fennik will play a more significant role in days to come.

These are the initial changes on the Arena of Valor Tier List, following the changes made to the game, mentioned in the July of 2019 patch notes.