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AoV Tier List Enzo Update

New Arena of Valor hero just released Enzo, an mobility/finisher Assassin. While we are all waiting in anticipation for Brawler, the Korean Boy Band Inquisitor – Enzo is sure fun enough distraction.
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arena of valor tier list enchantment update


Enzo is a squishy medium range assassin with the ability to toss the target around and dish out some nice damage.

Enzo’s passive (Crusade) increase his damage in proportion to the range. Longer the range, more the damage. Also, it is more effective the more levels are there in Amputate.
Skill 1 (Amputate) provide some decent mobility and increased attack damage, but in addition, if the enemy is hit by skill 2, using Amputate will pull target toward Enzo.
Skill 2 (Judgment) does several things.
First, while channeling Skill 2 Enzo gets increased movement.
Second, it increases the damage done and reduces the damage taken while fightin’ Judged target.
And finally, Amputate buff can be consumed in order to pull the target and toss it behind Enzo.
Ultimate (Decapitate) can only be cast on the target affected by Judgment and aside from damage, Decapitate teleports Enzo behind the target of Judgment.

The way any one of these skills is tied to other skills makes for one very interesting and fun gameplay. Enzo’s skill set is not too complicated, but it does require some time to practice, a certain degree of good reflex, good planning, and good decision making.
While the gameplay is flashy and he can snowball and than steam-roll the enemy team, still, he is not Legendary because Enzo needs a little too much setup in addition to that, he is weak against tanks/bruisers. So in our view, Enzo is an Epic rank and could be considered rank Good for players that are not as good decision makers, or as fast as the majority of players.

What do you think about Enzo, what rank should he hold and what role do you prefer with him, Jungle or DS? Does anyone think he can be played as support?
Anyway, hope our content helped you in any way and if so, please share it with others. Stay tuned with Arena of Valor right here at Bluemoongame.