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Arena of Valor Tier List – Errol guide and update

After some extensive testing, research, and information gathering, our Bluemoongame – Tier List is updated with latest AoV hero, Errol. It is clear Errol presence is not something to be taken lightly.
For a more comprehensive Arena of Valor Errol – guide read here.

arena of valor tier list may 2019 errol
There are currently several additional changes to this Arena of Valor Tier List in the waiting, but considering we haven’t seen new patch/update for a while now, and Taiwan Servers received two in the meantime, we decided to hold off changes until that patch.

As with every new character, such is the case with the new Arena of Valor hero – Errol, the picture of his power-lvl is not completely clear. In hands of the early adopters, players able to observe, realize and effectively play to the strength of this character, Errol can be extremely intimidating.
• While he is a decent jungler with reasonable jungle clear speed, his presence in Dark Slayer lane (especially if properly managed Berserk stacks) is extraordinary. However, it takes some lvl of aggression, which opposing jungler can take advantage of.
• Two of his abilities can both engage and disengage, making him relatively safe character (as far as melee assassins can be safe, that is).
• Errol is teeming with versatility and playmaking potential. All of his abilities provide good control, two out of three provide mobility and one is dishing out loads of damage.
• Because he is great at skirmishing, paying attention to the map and joining those 2v2 / 3v3 jungle fights can be extremely profitable.
• When playing against Errol you are not safe at the tower. Tower Diving can be executed with reasonable safety.

Errol’s passive (Blood Drinker) provides some passive bonuses to movement, attack speed, and life steal, while it nerfs his Armor and Magic Defense. The other, equally important thing, it acts as his main resource. It would be wise to base decisions, and level of aggression, on the number of Berserk stacks.

Errol’s Skill 1(Ghostscythe) is the primary gap closer/disengage, and secondary control ability. Basically, a dash skill that if hits enemy hero, root him in the place for a short period of time and as bonus reduces its cooldown by 30%. Suffice to say it is crucial this skill connects.

Errol’s Skill 2 (Boneshaver) is his primary damage dealing ability. In its basic form, it is nothing special. However, once 5 stacks of passive are available, not only it cranks up some damage, it also increases life steal, range and, on top of everything, adds knock-up. This skill is the main reason why playing Errol revolves around his passive.

Errol’s Ultimate (Demon Claw) is what makes him dangerous in team fights. It enables Errol to engage enemy team’s backline without them being able to do much (few things are the exception, like some stun abilities that require no target). Demon Claw is a key component of Errol’s playmaking ability and versatility.

The fact Errol is relying heavily upon his passive to enhance Skill 2, speaks against him taking Tier 1 on our Arena of Valor Tier List. This status, however, is not set in stone. It remains to be seen what kind of impact he’s going to have on the meta in the weeks to come, especially considering the fact one of the top two marksmen is Tel’Annas, a character with no mobility skills and just some control. Would the presence of Errol reduce the value of Elven Queen? Keep your eyes on it.
Until we meet again, stay tuned with Bluemoongame, stay tuned with gaming.