Arena of Valor – Tier list (v17) Elsu Update

It’s been a week or so, since the time we released the update to our AoV tier list and in the days that followed it, we have received a number of feedback from the community concerning the position of some champions, some visuals, and overall quality.
There was a lot of constructive criticism and we are grateful for it. I must admit community was right, our tier list was not representing real state of things, or at least not the state that was at the moment.
The reasons are twofold. For one, that version was a kind of hybrid, done by two different people who’s approach to the gaming is completely different. And the second reason was my personal bad move, instead of taking responsibility for my own opinion I didn’t want to thread over other peoples thoughts and thus was avoiding responsibility. The end product was not a good representative of what we are trying to do here at Bluemoongame, and that is a collection of news and experiences gathered by the community of gamers.
To that end, we had some discussion with the people from the AoV community and decided to do a rework of style and content. You can check our AoV Tier List v2.0, and if you wish to give us feedback, which we would appreciate, then join Disqus and leave a comment below.
What we hope to achieve is a constructive discussion involving a large number of people with aim of connecting people and bringing ideas together.

Arena of Valor - Tier list Elsu Update