Arena of Valor Tier List - Yena Update

AoV Tier List Yena update

Yena, the new addition to the roster of heroes is available, and she is extremely fun to play. You can find more information in AoV Yena Guide with the most important aspects of this fun-to-play versatile warrior/assassin.

arena of valor tier list yena

At this moment Yena is available trough Xeniel Codex (Level 20 of Open Codex, or Level 40 of Closed one. At least this is the case on EU servers).
She is a melee warrior/assassin that relies on a large variety of combos to impact the game.

On the Bluemoongame AoV Yena Tier List, we placed Yena at Epic rank, mainly due to the strength of her passive-burst in Dual Wield stance… without it, she is easily rank Good.
As for the complexity of her combos… well, they are not hard to learn, one just needs a lot of work to get familiar with it and to get used to it, but with some effort and time, everyone can do them.

Yena’s passive is an extremely important part of her skillset and it needs to be taken into account on every step of the game. In Dual Wield form every 5th instance of damage will cause the target to suffer silence, 80% slow and 200% of AD physical damage.
This is a huge deal and it is one of the main reasons why Yena is better off in damage- compare to tank- build.
In single weapon stance, she deals 50% damage at the cost of attack speed, also, while using abilities she is immune to control and receive 50% less damage.
Using ability in this stance, coupled with Omni Arms unique passive, and the enemies won’t know what hit them.

Skill 1 – Crescent Strike in Dual Wield stance is the only Yena’s mobility skill, but if it hits the target it can be used one additional time.
In Single Weapon stance, this turns into large wave clear ability, similar to Preyta’s Plague Scepter. Again, if it hits an enemy it becomes usable for the next 5 seconds.

Skill 2 – Spinning Sickle is primary damage and control ability before level 4 while only Dual Wield stance is available. She throws her blades at the end of her range where they deal damage and slow down targets for the next few seconds.
It is an important tool when ganking or assisting in ganking, especially during the first few levels.
In Single Weapon stance, this turns into somewhat clunky ability. Yena slowly starts to move forward attacking 4 times everything in front of her knocking it back.
This is only useful if you are on top of the enemy hero, however, it requires the more tanky build.

The ultimate – Full Moon, is stance changing ability with a small cooldown that provides nice bonuses and deals decent damage in a medium radius.

In order to be effective as Yena, it will take a lot of practice, a lot of focus, good decision making and tons of experimenting with different combos.

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