Saturday, February 23

Arena of Valor Tournaments


Arena of Valor is perhaps the fastest game to grow in popularity I’ve ever seen. It was released in July 2017 Worldwide, and already it is reported that the game has over 200 million registered players, with 80 million active daily. But, a lot of people don’t know that this game was actually released at the end of 2015 in China, and was only available there under the name King of Glory.

However, the enormous spike in the game’s popularity, after it’s been released worldwide, is still an incredible accomplishment. This has benefited Tencent, the game’s developer, enormously and has spawned many gaming communities all around the World.
Even old Dota and LoL players, who are known for their success in various world competitions, came together and held friendly matches and non-competitive tournaments.

In just 7 months time, Arena of Valor has been included in several tournaments, some of which offered very serious and lucrative rewards.

AoV Non-Pro Tournament

Arena of Valor brought $ 100,000 for this Europe based tournament, held last October and November, 2017. The tournament had teams which represented Italy, Sweden, germany, France, UK, and Spain. It was a five-week long competition, where the teams fought for their chance to secure their spot at the AoV NPT DreamHack Winter Finals, which were later held in December.

Here’s how the finals looked:


ESL Play Go4 cups

Arena of Valor is included in ESL Play Go4 cups, amongst 15 or more other games, where there is a monthly reward of € 40,000. The Tournament is divided into Europe, North America, and South America, and rewards best teams from all these areas individually.

Arena of Valor has teams like: Team FJ, SK Gaming, Team Queso, Team boğaziçi, The Youtubers, Spanish eSports Takers, Team Vitality, Team Royal, We Hunt Alone, and others. All these teams are often in the spotlight, as the tournament already has a strong competitive pool.


The Future for Arena of Valor tournaments

Arena of Valor World Cup

With the game’s incredible growth and expansion, people’s interest is naturally rocketing sky high. Tencent has decided to answer this and give the fans and players what they want – Arena of Valor World Cup.

It will be held this summer in Los Angeles, where Arena of Valor will host its first World Cup. The prize pool is announced to be no less than $ 500,000, that’s half a million dollars in prizes for this what already looks to be a very serious competition.

Known esports teams like Team Liquid and Vitality, are already showing their support for this competition. This is bound to be the best worldwide event for mobile games yet, as teams are coming in more and more.
The esports market is constantly growing as a result of all this hipe, and it is estimated that the market will hit 2.5 billion by 2020. This is for PC games mainly, but mobile games, such as Arena of valor, are slowly but steadily finding their place in the gallery of hit rollers.