The 2018 Arena of Valor World Cup is the first Arena of Valor World Cup hosted by Tencent Games. The tournament will be held in Los Angeles, United States with a prize pool of $ 550,000 USD for grabs. The main event will take place in the TCL Chinese Theatre in Los Angeles on July 27th and 28th. Currently, there are twelve teams, which are sorted into four groups based on seeding. The group stage is played by single round robin, which means every team plays with other three. Single matches are best of three, and top two teams per group will advance to the quarterfinal. If two teams have the same record, ties will be broken by a tiebreaker match. If three teams have the same record, top two teams will be broken by game record. After that, teams will play a tiebreaker match.

Here’s the list of the participant, sorted in groups.

Group A

      • City Bacon (Thailand)
      • Tamago (Singapore)
      • Team Allegiance (North America)


Group B

      • Saigon Phantom (Vietnam)
      • J Team (Taipei)
      • EVOS Esports (Indonesia)


Group C

      • ahq Olympus (South Korea)
      • For The Dream (Europe)
      • Chinese Taipei Wildcard


Group D

      • Dawn Raider (China)
      • PaiN Gaming (South America)
      • Thailand Wildcard


The hefty prize pool will be divided between the first eight teams, with the champion winning the main prize of $200 000. There will also be the prizes for the individual players, like the overall MVP prize, the most kills, the most assists, the most creative team, the most tenacious team, and for the player who created the most successful strategy with a less popular hero.


The first day has passed, and we have the first group matches done. In the first group, IT. City Bacon from Thailand defeated Team Allegiance from North America with 2:0. In the next round, they will go on Team Tamago from Singapore. In group B, Vietnam’s Saigon Phantom defeated EVOS Esports from Indonesia with 2:0 and they are going to go to the Taiwan Wildcard team in the next round. In the first match of group C, ahq Olympus from Korea defeated  Chinese Taipei Wildcard team with 2:1 in a clash of two top-tier teams. The next opponent for Korea team will be European For the Dream. Finally, in group D, Chinese Dawn Raiders defeated PaiN gaming from South America with 2:0.

So far, there weren’t many surprises on the tournament, since favorites proved their worth, defeating lower ranked teams with relative ease. The group stage will be held in the next two days, and the winners will go on into the elimination chamber which will ultimately decide the first ever Arena of Valor world champion.


Arena of Valor World Cup Day 1