The first Arena of Valor World cup’s third day has ended. The group phase is over and the teams that passed it is sorted in couples for the elimination chamber. Remind you, this world cup takes place in Los Angeles, United States with a prize pool of $ 550,000 USD for grabs. The main event will take place in the TCL Chinese Theatre in Los Angeles on July 27th and 28th. Currently, there are twelve teams, which are sorted into four groups based on seeding. The group stage is played by single round robin, which means every team plays with other three. Single matches are best of three, and top two teams per group will advance to the quarterfinal. If two teams have the same record, ties will be broken by a tiebreaker match. If three teams have the same record, top two teams will be broken by game record. After that, teams will play a tiebreaker match.

In the Group A, in the final match, North American Team Allegiance defeated Tamago from Singapore with 2:0 and became a runners up with the score of 2-2, after the dominant IT. City Bacon (4-1) from Thailand. These two teams advance in the Championship bracket, while Singapore (1-4) is going home.


Place Team Result
1 Thailand 4-1
2 North America 2-2
3 Singapore 1-4


Group B had the Chinese Taipei J Team defeat EVOS Esports from Indonesia with the result of 2:0. J Team is the first in the group with the score of 4-1 and passes into the next stage, along with Vietnam’s Saigon Phantom (3-1), while Indonesian EVOS Esports is out of the tournament.


1 Chinese Taipei 4-1
2 Vietnam 3-2
3 Indonesia 0-4


In the Group C, Taipei Wildcard defeated For the Dream team from Europe after an unpredictable battle, with the score of 2-1. The group is led by ahq Olympus from Korea (4-1), followed by Taipei Wildcard (3-3) and on the bottom of the group, and also packing their bags is European For The Dream (1-4)


1 Korea 4-1
2 Chinese Taipei Wildcard 3-3
3 Europe 1-4


Finally, the group D has seen Thailand Wildcard securing the qualification in the knockout phase by defeating PaiN Gaming from South America with 2:0. Chinese Dawn Raiders confirmed their status of favorites, being the only team that will advance in the next stage with a perfect score (4-0), followed by Thai Wildcard (2-2), while the South American team finished their participation in this tournament.


1 China 4-0
2 Thailand Wildcard 2-2
3 South America 0-4


The group stage is now over, and eight teams passed into the knockout phase. Interesting enough, out of eight teams seven are from Asia, excluding North America’s Team Allegiance. Out of seven Asian teams, three are from China and two from Thailand, leaving Korea and Vietnam to swim or sink. Championship bracket is already sorted out, and you can see it in the picture below.

Quarter final matches will be in the form of single elimination bracket, and the best of five will win. As you can see, two of the favorites, Thailand and Taipei Wild Card, are going to clash in the first match. In the second match, China is crossing swords and spells with Vietnam, followed by the scuffle between South Korea and North America. Finally, in a match that mirrors the first one, Taipei and Thailand Wild Card are going to compare their skills. The first knock out matches will already begin tomorrow, and we’ll be there to inform you about the results.