Saturday, February 23



The first ever Arena of Valor World Cup is in the final stage on its last day. The semifinals and finals take place July 27 and 28 in the TCL Chinese Theatre, and the prize pool is a whopping $ 500 000, out of which $200 000 goes to the winner. While the quarterfinals were in the single elimination style, semifinals and finals were double eliminations, so the losers in the semifinals still have the chance to get into the finals.

Semifinals and losers bracket were more than interesting, with the best teams in the world colliding their skills and strategies in matches against each other. In the first derby of the semifinals, acq Olympus from Korea defeated J Team from Taipei with 3:0. In the second semifinal match, IT City Bacon from Thailand defeated Dawn Raiders from China with 3:1. The losers of the first two matches went into the losers’ bracket, where J Team defeated Dawn Raiders in the closest matchup of the tournament, with the result of 3:2

Thailand’s IT City Bacon defeated a favorite of the tournament, J Team from Taipei. In the second semifinal match, acq Olympus from Korea was defeated by  J Team. But that’s not all. Except for direct elimination, there will be a loser bracket too, so the teams that lost in the semifinals can still compete for the championship title. In the winners’ match, IT City Bacon defeated Korean acq Olympus convincingly, 3:0, and became the first finalist of the tournament. In the match for the other finalist, acq Olympus also soundly defeated J Team from Taipei with the result of 3:0. And finally, in the final match, which was a best of seven, acq Olympus from Korea defeated IT City Bacon from Thailand with 4:3. The final match was very exciting with a lot of turns and twists, but in the end, the champion and the winner of the title and $200 000 is the Korean team.

Now, let’s present you a table with the quarterfinal,  semifinal and final matches.

This is the table of contestants and their ranks, with the appropriate prizes.

And this is the table of bonuses on behalf of teams’ wins.

The first major tournament in a mobile game is over, and let’s hope that this format of big league mobile tournaments will continue in the future. A big congratulation to the winners is in order, but every other team also deserves credit for participating in a historical event for mobile gaming. Big kudos to Tencent for organizing and executing this event, and let’s hope there will be many more tournaments like this in the years to come, with a splendid organization and a plentiful prize pools.