The proof that mobile gaming is slowly taking its place among hardcore gaming platforms is the announcement of Tencent’s Arena of Valor World Cup. Arena of Valor is currently among the most popular mobile games in the world, so it’s not a surprise that this tournament drew a lot of attention, but also a hefty prize pool of $550.000. For a mobile tournament, this is an unreal amount of money. Imagine using skills you developed literally in the toilet and winning over half a million dollars.

The tournament will be held from 18th – 28th July at Chinese Theatre in Los Angeles. Twelve of the world’s best teams will compete in groups for the first two days. Quarterfinals will be held on 21st and 22nd July, and tournament finals are scheduled for 27th and 28th. The winner of the finals will take home $200 000, the title of the World Cup, and will go down in history as the first ever Arena of Valor champion.

Tencent announced the teams and sorted them all out into four groups. Interesting enough, teams are nation based. In group A, the first placemark is reserved for Thailand. Their team is the one to watch, because they have unparalleled teamwork, although they admit they are not very technical. Before they started playing professionally they were close friends and they used their companionship to win numerous tournaments. On the other hand, North America’s team has been together for just three months, but some of their members have a lot of experience in professional esports. Being the new kids on the block, they have a lot to prove. But they aren’t pressured, saying they are up to the task. The next team, The Philippines, are unfortunately unable to enter the tournament, so they’ve been replaced by Team Singapore.

Group B is lead by Chinese Taipei. This is a well-established team that replaced a few of its players last year. Now, they are feeling more than ready to take the title home. They might be reserved as persons, but their playing style is anything but. The next is the Vietnam team, whose members are known for being respectful towards other teams’ players in real life. But in the game, they will taunt you without remorse. They are aggressive and they will start to engage early in the game. We’ll wait for the tournament to see how well their strategy pays off. Indonesia has been to two world tournaments already, and they’re very much into taking the cake this time. Team members have a lot of gathered esports experience, but it’s yet to be seen if that is enough for the championship title.

In group C we have Korea, whose team members said they climbed desperately from the bottom to get to this tournament. They are feared for their skill and teamwork, but they don’t want to lose the respect for their opponents and appreciation for their fans. Chinese Taipei Wildcard consists of the all-star cast. Taipei’s best players are assembled to try and take home the ultimate prize. The European team presents the best players from several nations and they finished second in the Valor series. They might not have a united spirit, but they are a force to be reckoned with.

Group D is led by another wildcard team, this time it’s Thailand. This team consists of Thailand’s biggest AoV players brought together specifically for this tournament. Many of them have huge followings on social media, and they got famous for a good reason. Team China has a considerable reputation in their country, but will it be enough to win the world championship stage? Fueled by patriotism, pride, achievement, and desire for glory, they are here to take home the prize. South America is a team founded by a group of friends from Brazil. Their motivation comes from the support of family and player community.

If you’re into competitive gameplay and mobile games, this is the event you don’t want to miss. If you’re local, you can buy tickets here, otherwise you can, of course, watch the whole thing streamed live at In a week we’ll find out which team will come out of the tournament as the first ever Arena of Valor world champion.