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Our old Bluemoongame visitors already got used to the format we present new or update old, content. Basically, we post whenever the game is updated with something of gameplay significance. As already mentioned this include patches, new heroes, new game features. We won’t be featuring cosmetic changes, like skins or graphics redesign.

So, hero guides, patch notes, and Tier List updates. However, we are open for suggestions in case the community desire something specific, there will be an effort on our part to meet the demands.

AoV Facts

You see, “AoV” is a MOBA, (a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) game that has been hugely popular in Asia ever since its release. The game has been developed by Timi Studio Group and published by Tencent Games. Its original version was released all the way back in November 2015 and called “Wangzhe Rongyao”. This game, a prototype of some kind was intended for the Chinese market, and, as such, it drew its lore and mythology inspiration from Chinese folklore and tradition. Once the game evolved into the popular title it is today, it became truly international, with a strange mix of DC Heroes and figures from European legends that all became heroes. Sounds strange, but it works surprisingly well. On the DC side of things, there are all the big names, like Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Joker and more, but the roster doesn’t end there. At the moment, there are more than 40 playable AoV heroes, with new characters, game modes, and events being added regularly.

One possible reason for the smooth familiarity of this game is the fact that it strongly resembles another offering from a Tencent subsidiary, Riot games. If you’re thinking “League of Legends”, you are completely right. Gameplay-wise, it’s a familiar 5v5 multiplayer, a classic MOBA game where you take down towers and enemies that get in your way as you are rushing to your opponent’s base which you obliterate in order to win.

Now, none of this is a bad thing. In fact, one could say that the game only benefits from having a well-known gameplay system that has been proven to work. Add in the story that chooses only the finest myths to pick AoV heroes from (not to mention the fact that some of the characters are already DC… well, superheroes) and you got yourself a recipe for a good time. Mentioned DC heroes are Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash and one of the most iconic villains in cinema, The Joker. Timi Studios managed to recreate this feeling of controlling superheroes, the flight of Supermen, the cyclone of The Flash, Laso-wielding Wonder Woman that protects her allies, and of course, ever mischievous the Joker, that drives his enemies insane by poking from the distance and attaching laughing canisters to their chest.

The screen layout of directional buttons on one side and skill buttons on the other is more or less an industry standard. Slightly to the left of Skills, we have a Talent button, then Renew (a 1-minute cooldown that splashes portion of hero’s health and mana) and finally a teleport-to-base button. Rest of the user interface is pretty much customizable, with mini-map and the quick-buy menu being the most important ones. Mini-map can be expanded and used to send signals. The two options for Mini-map are the upper-left, or upper-right corner of the screen. The same goes for the quick-buy menu. Two of those could be placed on the same side but is not recommended, otherwise, controls get crowded.

Heroes in this game follow a progression to level 15. Every hero has 4 abilities, one passive, two primary skills and the ultimate. Upgrading the ultimate is possible at every 4th level. Aside from the character levels, there is also an account level. The most important thing predicated on account level is the number of Arcana slots. There is a grand total of 30 arcana slots, separated in 3 categories marked by different colors, Red, Purple, and Green. There is also a 30 unique arcanas, 10 per each color. So, the player can have up to 10 arcanas of the same type, to fit into 10 arcana slots of the appropriate color.

Then there are recently added Enchantments, a sort of miniature talent tree open for customization to fit the player, hero or the role. This system is somewhat similar to one in LoL. There are 4 Enchantments types, and 3 slots to place those in (one major and 2 minor slots). By selecting an Enchantment for the major slot, the player gets to pick 3 abilities from that type (one for each of the three levels). By assigning Enchantment to the first minor slot, the player gets to choose 1st level ability of that type (note, this Enchantment type cannot be the same as one in Major Slot). For 2nd minor enchantment, slot player can select the same as for 1st minor slot, and by doing so he gains access to 2nd level ability of that enchantment. Otherwise, if he selects different enchantment, then he has to pick 1st level ability (note, this Enchantment type cannot be the same as one in Major Slot).

Also, there is a selection of recommended item builds, and if that is not enough, there is the list of 10 most popular/successful builds for each and every hero (there are a number of games played, and success rate for each of those top 10 item builds). By selecting an item build in advance, a player can save a good amount of time during the game.

“AoV Game” is free to play on iOS, Android, and Switch. Sure, there are optional in-app purchases, but with some devotion, you can grind your way to your own dream selection of heroes. A player can spend money on the game to acquire various benefits, most of which are cosmetic or for the purpose of reducing the grind. Comparing to free-to-play the only real advantage is time spent on the grind. This is not that bad when heroes are in question, however, to upgrade one arcana to level 3 it costs 2k gold. 30 arcanas will cost 60k gold. This is huge, and it is the cost of only one arcana set.
There are ways to speed up gold acquisition, that is by buying two types of gold cards. These can be bought in two ways, for real money or gems (currency obtain mostly by completing special tasks, events and things of that nature).

So, what’s the best way to farm gold in Arena of Valor?

Few simple ways, save gems and play the game every day (4 daily games allows for the bonus of 580 gold on top of regular winnings). When you get to spend a lot of time during one day, use Time-limited (1-day or 3-day), Gold Card. As for the 100%-per-win Gold Card, use those at every time you get them. Spend Gems only on these in Gem-shop. Worth noting that these two cards are working together (stacking). Also, for beginners, it is important not to overspend on arcanas. Instead, pick 10 red, 10 purple and 10 green arcanas that can be used on multiple heroes (Suggestion: Red-Indomitable, Purple-Benevolence, and Green-Focus/Crusader). This will allow the player to be versatile and at least somewhat competitive on most heroes. Later on with more gold in the stash, the options for more physical or magic oriented arcana builds are valid.
This gold starvation might be the big problem of Arena of Valor if not for the fact anyone can get a large number of free heroes. This alleviates the issue early in the game.

Ever from its inception, Bluemoongame has covered Arena of Valor with guides for every hero released in the game, with Tier List updates to reflect current meta and the news about the game updates/patch notes (the last one does take some guess-work due to the different versions of the game on different servers, as well as some creative translation from Indonesian).