Saturday, February 23

Arena of Valor Tier List – Fair

Hello, and welcome folks, this is a section dedicated to Fair Tier heroes for Arena of Valor game. On this page, we explore what it takes to belong in this tier and which AoV heroes are those.
This is an addition to the  Arena of Valor Tier List  and here we will explain in more detail why is some AoV hero placed on one part of the list and not on another.  For more in-depth details about the champion, click on the picture or the name at the start of every text.

Fair Tier heroes:

-Have a few strong points.
-Lacking severely in a few aspects (control, mobility, damage, safety, range, sustain...).
-Require team-effort to cover his weakness or to play to his strength.

At this moment Fair-tier consists of next champions:

arena-of-valor-champion-sephraSephera- A mage-support with no skill shot but with a great deal of sustain and safety. She is equipped to control enemies at long (not so at short) range, to enhance her normal attack with 1st skill and heal/damage with her ultimate (during which she is untargetable). Sephera is severely lacking in burst damage. She can be extremely frustrating to play against because she can be difficult to dive/gank.

arena-of-valor-champion-arduin Arduin- We have to give props to Arduin for the versatility he offers. He does have a great set of skills that synergize well with each other but it’s hard to utilize him to his full potential. Arduin's ability to bait enemies into continual attacking while simultaneously healing and shielding himself can surprise his enemies.

arena-of-valor-champion-butterfly Butterfly– A top favorite to score Mega Kill, Butterfly resets her cooldowns on scored kill or assist. This made her popular and for good reason. She can build tanky or damage, both equally effective but with different skill requirement (damage build provides more direct damage but is riskier to play). Her main weakness is her popularity. Everyone knows what she can do and so the majority of players will do whatever it takes to counter her strengths. She is particularly effective in lower brackets, up to gold league (it takes some team coordination in order to prevent her taking over the fight).

arena-of-valor-champion-chaugnar Chaugnar– Chaos Elephant was one of the major picks in pro games for a long time. He is considered a counterpick for enemy team compositions reliant on control. When faced against those like Aleister, Toro and alike, Chaugnar is considered tier higher.

arena-of-valor-champion-diaochan Diao Chan– With two charges on her second ability, the amount of control she can provide is immense. Coupled with a great amount of damage coming from ultimate and some slowing effect from the first ability and Diao Chan is set to rock the stage. Lacking mobility, being forced to channel the ultimate and the fact that she is one of the oldest champions (everyone learned what to pay attention when facing her) prevents her from reaching top tiers.

arena-of-valor-champion-fenik Fennik– A long-range objective oriented marksmen, Fennik can be extremely dangerous when ahead of his enemies. Ability to mark the objective (tower, dragon, dark slayer) and destroy it very quickly, is something everyone should be mindful of. The one big problem Fennik has is lack of early game impact and considering how important is that game aspect in Arena of Valor, this comes as a major flaw.

arena-of-valor-champion-ilumia Ilumia– Is a mid lane mage with global ultimate. She is very weak against high mobility champions like Tulen, Lauriel and so on. Ultimate is her main tool that aside from damage and stun, also provides a vision over the enemy champions for 3 seconds. At the cost of requiring some protection, Ilumia offers a good amount of damage and utility.

arena-of-valor-champion-khalii Kahlii– A good wave clear, good movement speed and long range of an ultimate. In January 2019. patch meta-game shifted toward wave clear champions and Kahlii fits in well. Kahlii suffers from bad design so the ultimate is her strongest asset and yet the chances are a good half of it will go to waste, plus she has a very strong normal attack, yet is so squishy she cannot afford to get near the fight.

arena-of-valor-champion-kilgroth Kil'groth - Kil'Groth needs a lot of time and in this game that is an expensive commodity. His main strengths are fast normal attacks, immunity to crowd control for the duration of ultimate and decent gap closer. But there is nothing there to make him survive the harsh environment of melee combat, no hard controls like stuns, no defensive tool worth mentioning, not even some decent damage from his abilities. It comes down to normal attacks, and for those to be effective Kill’groth must be ahead in farm at all times. The only valuable aspect he is bringing is a clear speed. If teammates occupy enemy long enough, he can quickly dispense with jungle camps and towers. In hands of the good decision maker that plays in a well-organized team, Kill’groth can be an exceptional pick, but it requires his team to suffer lack of his presence early in the game.

arena-of-valor-champion-moren Moren– A marksman ideally played in the jungle, relatively decent in all areas, some mobility, some sustain, good control and toughness that is better than that of an average marksman (but it requires from Moren to stay in firing range for a long period of time in order to stack-up passive). Moren's value is increased in games where he is faced up against melee champions that are somewhat prone to kiting or have only one engage tool.

arena-of-valor-champion-nakroth Nakroth– A melee assassin with tons of mobility and some control. Lacking any decent defense, apart from immunity to crowd control for the duration of ultimate. It is always difficult to play squishy melee assassin in team fights and Nakroth is not an exception. For most people, Nakroth is not a great pick, but for players with good reflexes, this hero can do wonders.

arena-of-valor-champion-peura Peura– A support with the strongest heal in the game and very potent ultimate. Peura is one of the stronger supports in the game and with the change to her ultimate (instead of channel, now it is turn-on aura) she is much more effective. She is lacking playmaking potential and she can be enjoyed only by the people that really really love playing support. Consider her tier higher when you are faced up against poke/harass enemy composition.

arena-of-valor-champion-skud Skud– A disruptive melee bruiser, Skud comes packed with good control, mobility and sustain. If ahead, he can be particularly deadly against low mobility squishy enemies. In organized teams, Skud is a great addition, excellent in skirmishes and team fights alike. However, he comes with a number of flaws but the most glaring one is the inability to specialize. His skill set is not fit for tanking or damage instead, he is a mix of both and maxing one will make him useless in other.

arena-of-valor-champion-taara Taara– Weak before level 4, clunky passive (lots to be said about it, mostly bad), weak damage and control, Taara’s strength lays in a large amount of self-healing. The problem is it gets countered by one item and so just as she starts to gain levels a competent enemy team will build either Curse of Death or Tome of the Reaper, any of those two shuts Taara down. She would be underwhelming champion but she recently got some buffs to increase her damage and amount of HP, as well as the fact even pro-players are not building the items that counter her hard.

arena-of-valor-champion-the-joker The Joker – And... the favored Villain of all times (at least Heath Ledger version), The Joker is true mischief. There is plenty of fun to be had to play this champ, with some weird but fun mechanics. Some survivability, some control, and strong poke. All of this cannot fully replace a lack of consistency in his toolkit. He has the potential to be higher on the list, with proper team setup and play-style.

arena-of-valor-champion-toro Toro– One of the toughest champions around, good mobility and great control. Toro lacks some damage, but he makes up for it with one of the best passives in the game. There is a catch to Toro, he is not effective solo and must build The Aegis as the first or at least second item. If two of those conditions are met and played around his passive (properly tanking those control abilities), Toro can be an extremely valuable team member. Personally, I consider Toro one of those underrated champions in Arena of Valor and think that most players can have great fun and success with this cow.

arena-of-valor-champion-veera Veera– After the last patch notes we thought Veera is getting a lot better but that is actually not the case. She got some cooldown reduction if she kills an enemy hero but what happens without kills? She is good against single targets, but with more enemies involved she rely on her teammates and that makes her liability. She needs a way too much to be useful, a lot of farm, long time, good ganks and a good matchup.

arena-of-valor-champion-wisp Wisp– Is a crit based marksman, reliant on early snowball and later punishing enemy team with massive AoE channeling ultimate. She feels like a massive potential, but it is only a feeling. In the meantime, she is not one of the contested champions and for that reason is only Fair. Players who are very precise with skill-shots (Barrel Bomb) and are great at positioning can consider her one tier higher.

arena-of-valor-champion-wonderwoman Wonder Woman – Now here is a contentious one. Wonder Woman is very strong early game warrior, able to duel and prevail against most champions on level 1. Her Ultimate has immense potential and can turn the tide of the battle. So why is she just Fair? For two reasons. First, the player must be really comfortable with her second ability, the way it works and to use it to a full extent, and that is not for everyone. Second, her ultimate thou it has a lot of potential, the opportunity to capitalize on that potential is very rare. So, if you can consistently be “in the zone”, then Wonder Woman can do great things, otherwise, there is a number of champions easier to handle and more fun to play with.

arena-of-valor-champion-yorn Yorn– Global range skill-shot ultimate, loads and loads of damage mixed with some control, Yorn can be shining star provided he is protected by the team. However, when that is not the case (most of the time in solo queue), he can be a very bad pick. He is extremely week against mobile assassins/warriors and those are numerous.